Strategy implementation

Kojamo’s vision is to be the property market frontrunner and the number one choice for its customers. We updated our strategy for 2020-2023 in the beginning of 2020.

Strategic targets 2020-2023 and progress

Key figureActual 1-6/2023Actual 2022Actual 2021Actual 2020Strategic target
Annual growth of total revenue, %
Annual investments, M€116.3501.6356.9371.2200-400 M€
FFO/total revenue, %37.1*38.939.139.5> 36
Loan to Value (LTV), %43.843.737.741.4< 50
Equity ratio, %45.345.349.045.6> 40
Net Promoter Score (NPS)**5245203640
*The whole year’s property taxes are recognized in H1’s result.
** The calculation method has changed 2022 for example including digital services in calculation. Target and actual for years 2021 and 2020 have not been adjusted to reflect the current calculation method.

According to its strategy, Kojamo’s operations are focused on the largest growth centres in Finland. As a part of implementing its strategy Kojamo’s Board of Directors has decided to evaluate options for investment properties located outside of the key growth centres, including potential disposals of properties.

Kojamo’s objective is to be a stable dividend payer whose annual dividend payment will be at least 60 per cent of FFO, provided that the Group’s equity ratio is 40 per cent or more and taking account of the company’s financial position

Page updated 24 August 2023