A responsible corporate citizen

We operate sustainably and transparently while developing our shareholder value in accordance with our strategy. The sustainability of our business is based on our Code of Conduct.

A responsible corporate citizen – targets of the focus area

Anti-grey economy work and employment

  • We have a zero tolerance policy concerning the grey economy.
  • All of our partners and supply chain participants are registered with the Reliable Partner service maintained by Vastuu Group Oy in accordance with the Contractor’s Obligations Act.
  • We are a significant employer. Our employment effect extends beyond our own operations to construction, renovation, property maintenance and cleaning partnerships.
  • At our construction sites, we monitor the TR figure as an indicator of working conditions in order to maintain a high level of occupational safety. Our target is TR >90.

Privacy and data protection

  • We have a zero tolerance policy concerning data protection violations.
  • We take a customer-driven and GDPR-compliant approach to all of our operations. We do everything we can to ensure the protection of our customers’ personal data.

Paying taxes

  • We are a significant taxpayer and we pay all of our taxes to Finland.
  • We report our tax footprint transparently.

Compliance and corporate governance

  • The sustainability of our business is based on our Code of Conduct. 90% of our employees have completed training on our Code of Conduct.
  • Our Supplier Code of Conduct will be incorporated into all our new partnership agreements.
  • We comply with the recommendations of the Securities Market Association’s Corporate Governance Code 2020 without deviations.


  • The Lumo sponsorship and grant programme annually supports top Finnish athletes as well as individual and team sports for young people.

Page updated 28 February 2022