Sustainability cornerstones

Our sustainability programme supports​ the execution of our strategy

Ensuring long-term profitability and growth​​

  • Our sustainability programme supports Kojamo’s strategic targets for as well as ensuring long-term profitability and growth.​

Sustainable and responsible operation​s​

  • Responsibility and sustainable development is one of Kojamo’s strategic focal points. Sustainability is an integral part of Kojamo’s operations and corporate culture. Sustainability plays an important role in the work of everyone at Kojamo.​
  • Sustainability issues are an important aspect of our practices related to the selection and evaluation of partners. Our Supplier Code of Conduct will be incorporated into all of our new partnership agreements.​

Transparent communications and reporting on sustainability​

  • We will engage in transparent and multi-channel annual communications on our sustainability.​
  • We aim for high-quality and comprehensive sustainability reporting. We will report in accordance with the GRESB, GRI and EPRA sBPR frameworks and continuously develop our reporting.​

Page updated 18 March 2024