Aiming at an even better customer experience

We will also continue to focus on providing an excellent customer experience by offering a range of different housing solutions, accessible and effortless customer service, and user-friendly online services. The Lumo brand and its new housing services lead the way in rental living.

Rental housing is a popular form of tenure, thanks to the freedom and flexibility it offers. Increasingly, rental properties are also able to meet residents’ individual wishes and needs to make their daily lives that little bit more convenient. To this end, we are investing more heavily in our service development and the development of new Lumo housing service concepts. With a wide range of properties, excellent customer service and a comprehensive online offering, we offer first rate support to our customers, from choosing the right home to actual everyday living.

We will invest heavily in increasing our housing supply by 2021 by developing new properties and buying existing properties. In doing so, we are making a contribution to the ongoing development of Finland’s urban centres and providing new homes for thousands of people each year.