Lumo brand

Kojamo – Expert real estate investment

In 2017, after transforming into a housing investment company, Kojamo changed the Group’s name from VVO Group plc to Kojamo plc. In 2018, the company was listed on the official list of Nasdaq Helsinki.

Lumo – Better urban housing and services

Lumo is our housing brand, offering great rental living and housing services in growth centres across Finland.

Lumo provides a combination of unique housing solutions and resident activities with a sense a community. Lumo tenants have access to a wide range of different benefits and services that make everyday living easier, such as Lumo Caretakers, a car-share scheme and Smartpost parcel lockers. Versatile housing services are easily found on the My Lumo web page.

The Lumo webstore provides our customers with the possibility to rent a Lumo apartment directly online without applications or waiting.

Page updated 9 June 2021