Kojamo has two consumer brands, Lumo and VVO.

Kojamo – Expert real estate investment

In 2017, after transforming into a housing investment company, Kojamo changed the Group’s name from VVO Group plc to Kojamo plc. In 2018, the company was listed on the official list of Nasdaq Helsinki.

Lumo – Better urban housing and services

Lumo is our housing brand, offering great rental living and housing services in growth centres across Finland. In 2017, Lumo was named the most valued brand in the rental housing market.

Lumo provides a combination of unique housing solutions and resident activities with a sense a community. Lumo tenants have access to a wide range of different benefits and services that make everyday living easier, such as Lumo Caretakers, a car-share scheme and Smartpost parcel lockers. Versatile housing services are easily found on the My Lumo web page.

The Lumo webstore provides our customers with the possibility to rent a Lumo apartment directly online without applications or waiting.

VVO – Great rental apartments

VVO is Kojamo’s brand for apartments under cost principle rent determination. Restrictions related to the ARAVA and/or interest subsidy legislation apply to all VVO apartments. The VVO brand is aimed at customers who seek an apartment with good basic services. For more information on the rental apartments and to apply for an apartment, visit

Page updated 19 June 2019