Lumo sponsorship and grants

The Lumo sponsorship and grant programme supports top Finnish athletes as well as individual and team sports for young people. Launched in 2012, the programme promotes wellbeing through physical activity by awarding grants and sponsorship to promising young athletes.

Apply now Lumo grants for young sports club-level athletes

Apply for Lumo grant between 1th – 30th of September 2021.

Grants are awarded twice a year to 12 to 20-year-old athletes who show commitment to training and a passion for success in order to encourage them in their sporting careers.

The grants are available to any promising young athletes who have already engaged in active sports as a member of a sports club for several years and who need financial support for their hobby. Lumo and VVO tenants are given priority in the selection. Grants are awarded for both team and individual sports twice a year.

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Lumo sponsorship programme supports future winners

The sponsorship programme offers financial support to young sporting talent with the talent and attitude to make it to the very top.

Applications for sponsorship are accepted every autumn (except 2020 due to the current pandemic situation considering competing). Sponsorship requires recommendations from the governing body of the sport and the coach, success in competitions and an age of 14 years or more.

The next application period for Lumo sponsorship will be open in autumn 2021. The current athletes continue at least until 2021 application period.

Lumo-sponsored athletes and teams in 2020-2021

For the 2020-2021 season, six Lumo athletes are Oliver Helander (javelin), Anita Korva (cross-country skiing), Henry Manni (wheelchair racing), Oskari Mörö (400m hurdles), Nooralotta Neziri (100m hurdles) and Emmi Parkkisenniemi (snowboarding). The OVO Gymnastics club’s women’s first team OVO Team and the OVO Junior Team were selected as the team sponsorship partners.

Lumo-sponsored athletes

The Lumo sponsorship is a collaboration between Group and promising young athletes that offers financial support to young sporting talent on their journey towards success. By supporting young athletes we want to promote sports and exercise and the benefits it offers to all.

The current members of our sponsorship programme are:

Oliver Helander, javelin

Oliver was the Finnish Champion in 2018, and the leader in Finland’s statistics in 2018 and 2019. In world statistics, Oliver was the 7th best javelin thrower with a result of 88.02 in 2018, and the 10th best in 2019 with a result of 86.93. He also represented Finland at the European Championships in Berlin and the World Championships in Doha.

Anita Korva, cross-country skiing

Anita has around a dozen medals from junior and adult events. She took four bronze medals in U20 at the World Championships in 2019. Anita also won the Nordic Championships in the 10 km event at the W18 event.

Henry Manni, wheelchair sprint

Manni has won five world championship medals, nine European championship gold medals and bronze at the Paralympics. Manni competes in the T34 class. He has also won several medals in major events at the junior level. Manni has previously also competed in the canoe sprint and canoe polo. In 2010, Manni won a world championship bronze medal in the K-1 class 200-metre race in Poznań. Manni holds the European Championships Records in the 100-, 200- and 400-metre wheelchair sprint events with times he posted at the 2016 European Championships. He also won bronze in the 100-metre sprint at his first Paralympics in Rio in the same year. Read more:

Nooralotta Neziri, 100m hurdles

Nooralotta Neziri holds the Finnish record for both 100 and 60 metres hurdles. Neziri was placed sixth at the 2019 European Athletics Indoor Championships and won silver at the Finnish Athletics Championships. At the 2019 World Athletics Championships in Doha, she was placed 14th, making her the best Finn and the sixth best European. She won gold at the Motonet GP and took silver at the Finland–Sweden Athletics International.

Oskari Mörö, 400m hurdles

He is an athlete who has taken part in the European Championships many times and set a new Finnish record for the 400 metres hurdles at the 2016 Summer Olympics. Oskari participated in the final of the 2019 European Team Championships and was placed seventh. At the IAAF World Challenge competition in Berlin, he won silver in the 400 metres hurdles. He also won gold at the Finland–Sweden Athletics International and the Finnish Athletics Championships.

Emmi Parkkisenniemi, snowboarding

Emmi won silver at the World Cup Seiser Alm Slopestyle competition in 2019. In 2018, her achievements included winning silver at the Finnish Championships in slopestyle and halfpipe. Emmi won gold at a World Rookie Tour event in Oslo in 2016.

OVO Team, Olarin Voimistelijat

OVO Team of the Olarin Voimistelijat, Olari Gymnastics is an 11-time World Championship medalist in team gymnastics. OVO Team won the World Championship bronze in 2019 and in the next World Championships the goal is to brighten the medal to gold.

The team consists of 12 athletes who train together about eight times a week. Anneli Laine-Näätänen is the head coach of the team.

OVO Junior Team, Olarin Voimistelijat

The OVO Junior Team is the 2019 youth world champion. The gymnasts of the team train purposefully towards the women’s OVO Team.

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