Responsible landlord and satisfied customers

We are a long-standing, trustworthy housing investment company that actively develops rental housing. Our strategic focal point is the best customer experience. It is created by versatile housing solutions, effortless interaction and services. The Lumo brand and housing services lead the way in rental housing.

Our homes are located close to good transport connections and services. We have a wide range of options available in terms of both homes and additional services to ease our tenants’ daily lives.

We keep our rental apartments in good condition, provide opportunities for active resident cooperation and focus on creating a good customer experience.

In addition to long-term tenancies, we look after our customers by ensuring high safety standards in the physical environment and strict customer data protection. We maintain healthy living through indoor air quality control, which is part of our quality assurance system for property management.

Cooperation with residents

We engage in active cooperation with our customers and encourage our tenants to participate in matters concerning their housing. Being part of a friendly community ensures that tenants are happy with their neighbourhood and feel safe.

We want to be a frontrunner in forming a future where digitalisation and smart homes transform the housing experience. We are pioneers in developing digital housing services. Thanks to our innovation platform, residents and partners can participate in creating better housing together with us.

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Page updated 4 December 2020