Cooperation with residents

Supporting voluntary resident activities is a central part of our way of working. It is also a tradition: cooperation with residents has been developed as long as the Group has existed.

There are many different options for resident participation both within individual buildings and regionally, ranging from tenant meetings to residents’ parties and activity clubs. At best, resident activities are about being part of a community and improve the quality of one’s living environment as well as that of neighbours. Good neighbours and an active community improve the living environment and help prevent vandalism and antisocial behaviour.

Most buildings have house committees, called Lumo teams in Lumo buildings. These teams can decide on their own ways of operating and the activities they organise for the residents. Each team can receive Lumo funding to organise activities.

On the national level, the Board of Residents, which represents all our residents, is a valuable cooperation partner for us, providing feedback and opinions on the development of our housing services.

We receive direct feedback from customers through the Board of Residents. The Board may also give its view on topical housing issues and serves as an active panel of tenants whose opinions are used to support our decisions on housing policies.

We support our residential communities

Our national and local events focus on current housing-related issues and offer networking opportunities for active residents. Lumo-kotikeskus centres organise numerous events for the residents in their region as well as dedicated events for residents that are closely involved with resident activities. Amusement park events, Christmas concerts and different recreational activities are an essential part of our goal of increasing joy and sense of community among residents.

Page updated 2 December 2020