Housing advisory service

The housing advisory service provides assistance and advice to tenants in challenging life situations.

Our residents sometimes encounter challenging circumstances in life, which creates a need for assistance on how to ensure that their good housing situation can continue. Our housing advisory services aim at using preventative measures to help residents with housing-related problems and support the housing of families and elderly people. Timely support has a direct effect on improving the circumstances of residents and reducing evictions and overdue rent payments.

The Lumo homes housing advisor team provides high-quality customer service that requires special competence, even in challenging situations. The team also supports property managers. Social welfare professionals provide the teams with professional assistance from the perspective of social services. Housing advisory services are necessary when a resident faces financial difficulties, for example. The assistance methods include case management and flexible payment plans. The teams provide support related to major challenges in life as well as other housing-related problems such as disputes between neighbours.

At its best, the housing advisory service helps to ensure a good and safe housing experience for our residents by assessing potential solutions to various problems with the help of specialists.

You can reach the housing advisory service through our customer service: asiakaspalvelu@lumo.fi.

Page updated 1 March 2023