Business operations

Kojamo is a bold innovator of rental housing with a mission to create better urban housing. Our goal is to be a pioneer in housing and the number one choice for our customers.

Kojamo is Finland’s largest private residential real estate investment company measured by fair value of investment properties. We are actively developing the value and number of our investment properties both by building new and developing existing housing stock. Our operations are focused on the Finnish growth centres.

Rental housing is a very competitive business in Finland, and the competition is fragmented. Kojamo’s main competitors in this sector are private individuals, municipalities, parishes, foundations and professional real estate investors. However, there are only a few companies in Finland that compete directly with Kojamo as companies purely focused on housing and with a similar, customer-centric strategy as well as the ability to offer a similar customer experience.

Kojamo has no direct points of comparison in the Helsinki stock exchange. In recent years, some Finnish real estate investment actors have exited the Helsinki stock exchange, with foreign investors increasing their holdings in the Finnish real estate market. The number of international investors is expected to continue its growth.

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Page updated 1 March 2024