Auditing is carried out by an auditor elected by the Annual General Meeting. The company’s auditor shall be an auditing firm approved by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office. The term of the auditor shall be until the conclusion of the first Annual General Meeting following the election.

During the statutory annual audit, the auditor inspects the Company’s accounts, annual report, financial statements, and governance for the period under review. The auditor also inspects the consolidated financial statements and relationships between Group companies.

The Board of Directors proposes, based on the Audit Committee’s recommendation, to the Annual General Meeting to be held on 14 March 2024 that KPMG Oy Ab, authorised public accountants, be re-elected as the company’s Auditor for the term ending at the close of the next Annual General Meeting. KPMG Oy Ab has announced that it will appoint Petri Kettunen, APA, as the principally responsible auditor.

Audit in the financial period 2023

During the financial period 1 January–31 December 2023, auditing has been carried out by KPMG Oy Ab, with Petri Kettunen, APA, as the principally responsible auditor since 16 March 2023. In 2023, the auditing firm was paid audit fees to the amount of EUR 350,893 (296,144). Additionally, the auditing firm was paid a sum of EUR 116,776 (233,866) for other services.

Page updated 19 February 2024