Kojamo as an investment

With more than 55 years of experience, Kojamo is Finland’s largest private housing investment company. We provide rental housing and related services under the Lumo brand in the country’s largest growth centres. Our goal is to be a housing investment company that is known for its excellent customer experience and strong financial performance. The fair value of Kojamo’s property investments was EUR 8.0 billion in 31 December 2023.

When investing in Kojamo, you can join a diversified and professionally managed portfolio
of over 40,000 apartments in Finland’s largest growth centres.

Why invest in Kojamo?

A decentraliced and professionallu managed housing portfolio in Finland’s largest growth centres

When investing in Kojamo, you can join a portfolio of over 40,000 rental apartments in Finland’s seven largest growth centres. Our portfolio consists of centrally located and well-maintained apartments that generate steady cash flow. We have approximately 300 professionals responsible for investments, property maintenance and repairs, financing and delivering an excellent customer experience. The economies of scale we enjoy as a large company enable us to operate cost-effectively.

Stable dividends and capital growth

With a combination of a growth target and yield potential, our property portfolio makes us an attractive investment. Our target is to distribute dividends corresponding to 60% of Funds From Operations (FFO), with the remainder retained in the company to support growth. Equity is also increased by value gains from assets that still involve valuation-related limitations.

A strong balance sheet enables growth

We can create growth through investments in new development, by buying entire properties or portfolios, and by converting existing properties into residential use. Our strong balance sheet and diverse financing structure enable growth and the ability to move quickly when necessary.

We will not make any new investment decisions for the time being due to the uncertainty in the financial markets. We are committed to maintaining our strong financial position by taking active measures under our saving programme. Through proactive measures, we ensure that the company maintains its profitability and good access to financing at competitive prices. It is important for us to ensure that the
company remains agile and can react when the market situation improves and our growth continues

Growth opportunities driven by megatrends

The trend of urbanisation remains strong, and the population will be concentrated in large city areas in
the future. At the same time, the average household size has decreased over the years, driving higher demand for rental apartments. The popularity of rental housing has increased steadily in major cities and continues to grow. Rental housing is seen as a flexible and safe option in various life stages and market situations. We respond to the growing demand by providing centrally located apartments in Finland’s growth centres, with convenient access to diverse services and transport connections

The number one choice for customers

We want to be the number one choice for customers. We create added value for our customers by taking
advantage of digital solutions and offering diverse services.

All of our apartments are available for rent through our webstore, and our customers can easily handle all of their housing-related affairs through the My Lumo service. Our active development of these digital services has improved the user experience. We also take advantage of digital solutions in our rental operations and property maintenance.

In addition to digital solutions, we offer a wide range of services that make living easier, from key deliveries to move-out cleaning

A responsible builder of sustainable cities

Corporate responsibility and sustainable development are a strategic focus area for us and an integral
aspect of our operations and corporate culture. In our sustainability programme, we have set carbon-neutral energy consumption for our entire property portfolio by 2030 as a key target. We report in accordance with the property industry’s key sustainability frameworks, such as the European Real Estate Association (EPRA) Sustainability Best Practice Recommendations. We also participate in GRESB, the most important international sustainability benchmark in our industry.

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Page updated 7 March 2024