Kojamo as an investment

Kojamo is Finland’s largest private residential real estate investment company measured by fair value of investment properties. In our view, the combination of our property portfolio’s growth target and yield potential makes us an attractive investment target.

The company has a strong role in the digital transformation of the housing industry and is continuously examining new possibilities to expand its digital and other housing services to create an attractive service offering. The fair value of Kojamo’s property investments was EUR 6.3 billion at the end of 2019.

Why invest in Kojamo?

Focused business and differentiated business model

As a company, we are well positioned to benefit from the growing demand for apartments, generated by urbanisation. In addition to urbanisation, we believe we can benefit from the increasing popularity of rental living and decreasing household sizes. Measured at fair value, 98.3 per cent of our housing stock is located in the seven largest growth centres in Finland.

Because of our focused strategy, high-quality housing stock and Lumo brand, we believe we can benefit from the current trends and the development of rent levels.

High-quality property portfolio

Our strategy is to focus on the seven Finnish growth centres and high-quality rental apartments, marketed under the Lumo brand. We invest in rental housing and housing service development in the Helsinki Metropolitan area, Tampere, Turku and Kuopio, the Lahti region and the cities of Oulu and Jyväskylä.

Strong track record of organic growth and acquisitions along with a robust development pipeline

We develop our property portfolio by building new Lumo apartments, converting buildings that have been used for other purposes into apartments, renovating older housing stock and acquiring properties.

One of the objectives of our strategy, extending to the year 2021, is to increase the number of apartments we own to 38,000 apartments through a combination of new construction and acquisitions.

Experienced and skilled management team and competent and committed personnel

Our Management Team has a significant background in rental and real estate business and a strong track record of shifting portfolio focus towards the Finnish growth centres, changing the company’s financing structure and developing the corporate culture to be more agile and customer oriented.

Our personnel form a team of experienced real estate professionals. We want to continue to be an attractive employer and maintain our high employee satisfaction.

Innovative, value-adding operating platform

We have created an operating platform that combines the services we produce ourselves even better with the services produced by our partners. By developing and producing services together with our partners we aim to offer our customers the best customer experience.

Together, our strong focus on customer experience and our expertise related to real estate property management and development create strong opportunities for value creation.

Attractive yield with sustainable growth backed by a strong and well-run balance sheet

The combination of our property portfolio’s growth target and yield potential makes us an attractive investment target. Yield potential is created by net asset growth and stable cash flow. We strive to further increase total yield by carefully selecting our development projects, acquiring apartments that fit our strategy and by selling the apartments that do not.

We offer access to Finland’s attractive residential real estate market that historically has produced stable cash flow from rents linked to the consumer price index. A strong and well-run balance sheet helps to secure diversified financing to support growth.

Page updated 13 February 2020