Financing and bonds

Kojamo Group’s strong financial performance and stable operations form a solid foundation that ensures the availability of financing. Financing is planned proactively with a long-term approach, considering the Group’s growth target and liquidity management. The strategic growth target increases the importance of the availability of financing and risk management.

Diverse financing structure

We have strengthened and diversified our financing sources in recent years. Expanding the financing base and managing the maturity of long-term loans also support the management of counterparty and refinancing risks. As part of expanding our financing base, we have raised the share of bond financing and switched to largely using unsecured financing.

Open dialogue with financiers and compliance with the disclosure obligation of public companies contribute to the long-term development of investor relations and reinforcement of mutual trust. Kojamo is investigating new opportunities and developing its financing models by actively seeking more relevant, strategy-promoting solutions.

On 30 May 2017, Moody’s Investor Service issued a long-term credit rating of Baa2 to Kojamo plc.


Page updated 9 February 2024