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27.2.2024 | Press releases

Recycling campaign of HSY and Lumo homes involves nearly 10,000 households in making sorting more efficient

15.2.2024 | Stock exchange releases

Notice to the Annual General Meeting of Kojamo plc

15.2.2024 | Stock exchange releases

Kojamo’s Board of Directors resolved on a new plan period 2024-2026 in the key employee long-term incentive scheme

15.2.2024 | Stock exchange releases

Kojamo plc’s Financial Statements and Board of Directors’ Report 2023 have been published

15.2.2024 | Stock exchange releases

Kojamo plc’s Financial Statements Release 1 January–31 December 2023

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Kojamo as an employer

20.11.2023 | Career stories

Summer in Tampere’s Lumo Home Centre through the eyes of three summer workers

17.11.2023 | Career stories

From summer worker to permanent employee

17.11.2023 | Career stories

From sales representative to property manager

26.5.2023 | Career stories

Lumo Home Centres’ employees work closely together – a day at the Turku office

2.3.2023 | Better urban living

Internal recruitment produces excellent career paths

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Latest blog posts

23.9.2020 | Blogs

What kinds of homes will be built in Helsinki in the future?

14.9.2020 | Blogs

Materiality analysis supporting sustainability work

26.5.2020 | Blogs

The work of a Technical Manager is a combination of listening to residents, troubleshooting and mobile work

22.5.2020 | Blogs

Housing marketing – project management with just the right amount of creativity

14.5.2020 | Blogs

Looking for new investments and construction projects is a multi-faceted task

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