Organisation and management

Our team of approximately 300 professionals works in the areas of housing, investments and property development, as well as supporting functions. The different parts of the organisation work closely together and share the Group’s goals.


The CEO is responsible for the company’s business in general and the achievement of objectives, as well as the company’s governance in accordance with the Board of Directors’ instructions.

Customer Experience, Marketing and Communications

Tiina Kuusisto

Director responsible for customer experience, marketing and communications (CXO) (CXO)

The function is responsible for managing and implementing the customer experience as an operationally clear entity and with strong customer understanding. The function also manages the Lumo brand and the Lumo service experience, bringing distinction by appealing to the target customer segments and producing added value.


Ville Raitio

Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

Investments department is responsible for internal ownership steering, real estate development and transactions.


Housing is responsible for redeeming the customer experience both in its own operations (renting, property management and customer service) and those implemented by partners (maintenance, waste management, cleaning and value-added services by local partners).

Accounting, Financing and Administration

The Finance department produces the financial management and financing services required in the steering of the Group’s business operations. The department consists of the financing, Group reporting, financial services and HR units.

Strategic Development

Katri Harra-Salonen

CDO, ICT and development

Strategic Development works with other departments to develop the Group’s functions. The quality and development unit promotes the Group’s quality management. The information management unit promotes the Group’s competitiveness and productivity through the use of information systems.

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Page updated 17 January 2023