CEO and Management Team


The Board of Directors appoints the CEO and the Deputy CEO. The CEO is responsible for the running administration of the Company in accordance with the instructions and regulations given by the Board of Directors (general jurisdiction). The CEO oversees that the accounts of the Company are in compliance with the law and that the Company’s financial affairs have been arranged in a reliable manner.

The CEO is responsible for the Company’s business in general, and for ensuring that its operations are properly organised and its objectives achieved. The CEO prepares and presents to the Board of Directors the Company’s strategic plan, budget and investments and divestments plan as well as ensures that they are implemented as decided by the Board of Directors. The CEO shall give the Board of Directors and its members all the information necessary to carry out their tasks. The CEO reports to the Board of Directors on the Company’s financial position, business environment and other significant matters related to the Company’s operations. The CEO also chairs the Management Team.

The terms of the CEO’s service are specified in writing in the CEO’s service contract approved by the Board of Directors. Jani Nieminen has served as Kojamo’s CEO from 2011.

Management Team

The Management Team assists the CEO in the handling of operational issues, preparation of Group strategy issues and in facilitating internal communications. The Management Team is also responsible for implementing the Board of Directors’ decisions under the leadership of the CEO. The Management Team analyses changes in the operating environment and prepares actions accordingly as well as prepares matters for the Board of Directors and its committees.

Members of the Management Team

Jani Nieminen


b. 1968,
Finnish citizen
M.Sc. (Tech.), MBA

Nieminen has been the CEO of Kojamo since 2011. Previously, Mr. Nieminen has acted as Business Director and Deputy to CEO of Realia Group Oy in 2006–2011 and as Unit Manager of Sato Plc in 1997–2006.

Erik Hjelt


b. 1961, Finnish citizen
Licentiate in Laws, eMBA

Hjelt has been the CFO and Deputy to CEO of Kojamo since 2015. Previously, Mr. Hjelt has acted at Sponda Plc as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in 2009–2015 and Senior Vice President for Legal Affairs and Treasury, in 2007–2009. He has also acted at Kapiteeli Plc as Senior Vice President for Finance and Legal Affairs, HR and Communications in 1999–2006.

Ville Raitio

Executive Vice President, Investments & Portfolio Management

b. 1978
Finnish citizen
M.Sc. (Econ), EMBA

Raitio has been the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Kojamo since 2019. Mr. Raitio has previously been, among others, Co-Head of Direct Property, Nordics and Country Head, Finland at Aberdeen Standard Investments in 2013–2019. Before that, he was Partner, Investments at ATP Real Estate from 2007 to 2013 and Research Director at INREV from 2004 to 2007, among others.

Janne Ojalehto

Executive Vice President, Housing

b. 1982
Finnish citizen

Janne Ojalehto started working at Kojamo on 19th June 2023. Previously, Ojalehto has worked as the commercial director of SATO Corporation, responsible for sales, marketing, communication and the development of the digital commercial environment in the years 2018-2022. Before this, he has worked at Restel in the years 2015-2018 e.g. as sales director and in various other management positions in 2007-2015.

More information regarding the responsibilities of the Management Team available at Organisation and management section.

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