The most competent personnel and a dynamic place to work

We are known for our dynamic and productive corporate culture and sustainability is part of our DNA. We ensure our competitiveness through competence development and provide an employee experience that attracts the best talent. Our aim is to create a first-class employee experience through good management, by investing in employee well-being and promoting equality and non-discrimination.

We have determined the following objectives for the Most competent personnel and a dynamic place to work focal point:

  • The perception of our personnel is that our management and supervisory work is of a high standard.
  • We take a development-driven approach to management and encourage our personnel to emphasise renewal and learning.
  • We manage our corporate culture towards our set targets in accordance with our strategy.
  • We participate in the Responsible Summer Job campaign and aim to achieve a high level of employee satisfaction among summer workers.
  • Our target is to reduce the personnel sickness-related absence rate to <3% by 2023.
  • Our target is zero accidents.
  • We continuously invest in the well-being of our employees and provide our employees with benefits related to well-being.
  • We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment and inappropriate conduct.
  • We promote equality amongst our personnel throughout the employment relationship, starting from recruitment process.
  • We promote wage equality amongst our personnel.
  • We will be the most attractive and highly-valued employer in our industry.

Page updated 10 December 2020