Working against global warming

We operate in a sector that has significant environmental impacts in the form of CO2e emissions; for example, housing accounts for approximately a quarter of the average Finn’s carbon footprint, and construction and the built environment represent approximately 40 per cent of all CO2e emissions globally. Mitigating impacts of climate change is one of the focal points in our sustainability programme and its Sustainable cities focus area. Most of the set targets for the focus area of Sustainable cities are linked specifically to climate change mitigation.

Mitigating effects of climate change is included in all our business processes. Building more energy efficient housing is one of the ways to tackle challenges of climate change. By renovating existing buildings and implementing energy efficiency measures, we are able to cut down emissions resulting from the use of the buildings.

In addition to emissions also extreme weather conditions linked to climate change as well as other physical risks have an influence on our portfolio. Transition to low carbon society also sets requirements for our business.

Our membership in CLC – Climate Leadership Coalition is to support the transition to a sustainable world.

Page updated 16 June 2023