Corporate responsibility goals

We are continuously developing our operations to make our responsible ways of working and its results easier to assess for our stakeholders. We have set long-term goals for our activities and work systematically to reach them.

Corporate responsibility goals and achievements

Perspective Kojamo’s objective Long-term goals Results 2019
Housing and the attractiveness of cities Developing better urban housing • Making the Lumo brand the property market frontrunner in
urbanising Finland
• Significantly increasing the offering of market-based rental
apartments in growth centres
• 816 (1,258) completed Lumo homes
• 1,316 (1,064) apartments under construction
• All newly constructed properties in growth centres, next to good
transport links
Customers Delivering the best customer experience • Overall satisfaction Net Promoter Score (NPS) > 40
• Making the Lumo webstore the easiest way to rent a home
• Bringing added value to housing with Lumo services
• NPS=34 (35)
• Already over 15,000 agreements signed via webstore
• In 2019 already 50% of agreements were signed in webstore
• My Lumo mobile service expanded the digital services
Personnel The most competent personnel and a dynamic place to work • High level of personnel satisfaction
• The most attractive employer in the industry
• Significant transformation of corporate culture
• High level of summer employee satisfaction
• We rose to AA+ level in the People Power employee satisfaction
• Recognised as one of Finland’s most inspiring places to work in
2019 for third consecutive time
• Salaries and fees paid EUR 16.4 (16.8) million
Partners Responsible purchasing, safe worksites and boosting the housing services platform • The entire procurement chain committed to ethical conduct
and combating the grey economy
• High level of TR measurements
• Offering the best customer experience in housing with the Lumo
service platform
• All suppliers are committed to Kojamo plc’s Supplier Code of Conduct
• TR index 93.7%
• Continuing to develop the innovation and service platform
together with partners
The environment Responsibility and sustainable development • Increasing the efficiency of relative electricity, heat and water
use in housing stock
• Piloting energy-efficient technologies
• Reducing the environmental impact of own operations
• Heating energy consumption index, entire housing stock -1.4
(-3.7) % (GWh/year)
• Relative use of property electricity 0 (-2.1) % (kWh/m3)
• Specific water consumption -1.2 (+0.9) % (l/m3)
• AI solutions to manage the temperature in approximately
29,000 apartments
• All of new property development implemented on a developer
contracting basis consist of nearly zero-energy buildings (nZEB)
• All offices under WWF’s Green Office certificate
• Hydropower-certified electricity in all properties, carbonneutral
district heating in part of properties
Shareholders and investors Generating long-term shareholder value and profitability • Increasing apartment assets to EUR 6.0 billion (38,000
• Equity ratio > 40.0%
• Loan to Value (LTV), < 50% • Funds from Operations (FFO) as percentage of total revenue > 32%
• Net Promoter Score (NPS) > 40
• A stable dividend payer
• EUR 6.3 billion and 35,272 apartments
• Equity ratio 46.9%
• Loan to Value (LTV) 40.5%
• FFO as percentage of total revenue 37.5%
• Net promote score 34
• The Board of Directors’ dividend proposal EUR 0.34 per share
Society Economic responsibility and positive indirect impact on national economy • Responsible corporate citizenship
• Taxes and tax-like charges approximately EUR 90 (106) mllion
• Gross investments EUR 259.9 (365.2) million
• Indirect employment effect 4,951 (4,491) person years

Page updated 2 December 2020