Vision, strategy and values

We create better urban housing.

Our mission

We are the property market frontrunner and the number one choice for our customers.

Our vision

Strategic focal points for 2021

Strategic focal points for 2021 are

  • Generating long-term shareholder value
  • Delivering the best customer experience
  • Leading on sustainable development
  • Dynamic and professional place to work

The Group aims to invest heavily in increasing its housing supply by 2021 through the development of new properties and acquisition of existing properties. Urbanisation and migration to growth centres provides the Group with good growth opportunities in the Finnish rental housing market.

Creating and developing an excellent customer experience is at the core of our culture. It is built on the everyday ways of working of each of our employees, as well as on our customer service attitude. Customer experience is also created by versatile housing solutions, accessible and effortless customer service and user-friendly online services. The Lumo brand and its new housing services lead the way in rental living.

We engage in meaningful work to provide high-quality housing. Operating in an efficient and responsible manner and attending to our corporate social responsibility are integral to the way we do business. We have the skills and enthusiasm to discover even better construction solutions, housing services, ecological innovations and ways to provide good customer experiences. Our energetic company culture creates a solid foundation for our work.

Our operations are strongly based on our values:

Happy to serve

Our service is high-quality, professional, friendly and respectful of the customer. We want to listen to and understand the customer and solve the customer’s needs. We treat and serve each person as an individual. We earn our customers’ trust each day.

Strive for success

We want to always do things better, achieve results and accomplish our goals. We bear responsibility for our work and we take pride in our results. We value each other’s expertise and we work together. We encourage each other. We recognise each other’s strong performance. We keep our promises.

Courage to change

We have an open-minded attitude towards change. We dare to look for new ideas and best practices by challenging conventional ways of working. Development includes experimentation and we are not afraid to try new things. We learn from our mistakes. We are also a pioneer in the use of new technologies. Renewal requires that we continuously learn new things.

Page updated 19 June 2019