Sustainable Business

Kojamo’s mission, to develop better urban housing, is based on responsibility and sustainable business operations. We want to take part in creating a high-quality, sustainable, healthy and comfortable living environment for all city residents.

We believe that significantly increasing the supply of rental apartments in the growth centres supports the vitality and commercial attractiveness of cities and hence the well-being of the entire society.

One of our strategic objectives is to be a forerunner in sustainable development and corporate responsibility. We want to have an impact on other actors as well, so that together we can create better urban living. For a long time, we have taken effective and measurable actions resulting, for example, in increased efficiency of our properties’ relative electricity, heat and water use and improved customer experience.

We are guided by our Group values and the operating principles: Corporate Governance, Ethical Principles, Personnel and Data Security Policy, Procurement Principles and Fair Rental Practice. Our own anti-grey economy operating models exceed legislative requirements in many respects. The Lumo brand is one of the most valued and well-known brands in rental housing.

We are constantly looking into new trends in sustainable housing, and work in a service-oriented manner to support high-quality housing for our tenants and to increase the number of rental apartments available. An extensive range of rental apartments and adequate production of new high-quality housing all serve to benefit a home seeker and increase their freedom of choice.

Kojamo’s responsibility goals and results

PerspectiveKojamo’s objectiveLong-term goalsResults 2018
Housing and the attractiveness of citiesDeveloping better urban housing• Making the Lumo brand the property market frontrunner in urbanising Finland
• Significantly increasing the offering of market-based rental apartments in growth centres
• 1,258 completed Lumo homes
• 1,064 apartments under construction
• All newly constructed properties in growth centres, next to good transport links
CustomersDelivering the best customer experience• Overall satisfaction Net Promoter Score (NPS) > 40
• Making the Lumo webstore the easiest way to rent a home
• Bringing added value to housing with Lumo services
• NPS = 35
• Approx. 5,800 Lumo tenancy agreements were signed via the webstore
• My Lumo mobile service expanded digital services
PersonnelDynamic and professional place to work• High level of personnel satisfaction
• The most attractive employer in the industry
• Significant transformation of corporate culture
• High level of summer employee satisfaction
• A good AA level achieved in the People Power employee satisfaction survey
• Recognised as one of Finland’s most inspiring places to work in 2018
• Second place in the major employer category in the Responsible Summer Job
2018 competition
• Salaries and fees paid EUR 16.8 million
PartnersResponsible purchasing, safe worksites and boosting the housing services platform• The entire procurement chain committed to ethical conduct and combating the grey economy
• High level of TR measurements
• Offering the best customer experience in housing with the Lumo service platform
• All suppliers are committed to Kojamo plc’s purchasing principles
• TR index 94.3%
• Continuing to develop the innovation and service platform together with
The environmentLeading in sustainable development• Increasing the efficiency of relative electricity, heat and water use in housing stock
• Piloting energy-efficient technologies
• Reducing the environmental impact of own operations
• Heating energy consumption index, entire housing stock -3.7% (GWh/v)
• Relative use of property electricity -2.1% (-0.1 kWh/rm3)
• Leanheat and Sunzeb projects
• All of new property development implemented on a developer contracting
basis consist of nearly zero-energy buildings (nZEB)
• All offices participating in or transitioning to WWF’s Green Office scheme
Shareholders and investorsGenerating long-term shareholder value and profitability• Increasing apartment assets to EUR 6.0 billion (38,000 apartments)
• Equity ratio > 40.0%
• Loan to Value, < 50% • Funds from Operations (FFO) as percentage of total revenue > 32%
• Net Promoter Score (NPS) > 40
• A stable dividend payer
• Apartment assets EUR 5.1 billion (34,713 apartments)
• Equity ratio 43.0%
• Loan to Value 45.9%
• FFO as percentage of total revenue 32.4%
• NPS = 35
• The Board of Directors’ dividend proposal EUR 0.29 per share
SocietyEconomic responsibility and positive indirect impact on national economy• Responsible corporate citizenship• Taxes and tax-like charges approximately EUR 105.7 million
• Investments EUR 365.2 million