Kojamo Sustainability Programme

Our sustainability programme is based on our strategy and mission of creating better urban living. With our sustainability programme, we commit to complying with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and aim to use carbon-neutral energy in our properties by 2030.

As part of our goal of becoming carbon-neutral, we have joined the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment of the World Green Building Council (Net Zero Carbon Buildings 2030 -Commitment).

The sustainability programme consists of four responsibility themes focused on the key impacts of operations, the most important goals and the expectations of stakeholders. In addition to the company’s long-term responsibility efforts, the programme is based on a materiality analysis on responsibility. The materiality analysis was conducted to ensure that the sustainability programme focuses on the most important themes of responsibility in terms of the company’s strategy, business operations and stakeholders.

Strategic focus area 2020-2023: Environment and sustainable development

We create better urban living

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The focal points of the Kojamo sustainability programme

Sustainable cities
Our property portfolio will operate at net zero carbon by 2030.

– Low-carbon operation
– Energy efficiency
– Circular economy
– Living environment
– Lifecycle of properties

The best customer experience
The Lumo brand delivers our residents the best customer experience in housing. Our main objectives are satisfied residents and increasing our Net Promoter Score.

– Satisfied residents
– An environmentally friendly, responsible Lumo
– Safety and comfortability
– Smart solutions and services for housing

The most competent personnel & dynamic workplace
We create a first-rate employee experience through good management, by investing in employee well-being and by promoting equality and non-discrimination.

– Equality and equity for personnel
– The health and well-being of personnel
– Good management and leadership

A responsible corporate citizen
We operate sustainably and transparently while developing our shareholder value in accordance with our strategy.

– Anti-grey economy work
– Privacy and data protection
– Corporate governance
– Paying taxes
– Compliance

The cornerstones of our sustainability programme
– Ensuring long-term profitability and growth​​
– Sustainable and responsible operation​s​
– Transparent communications and reporting on sustainability


Check out the Kojamo Sustainability programme in the form of a pdf presentation:

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Page updated 6 March 2024