Puotila shopping centre

Puotila shopping centre

Better urban living is being created in Puotila, with 113 new energy-efficient apartments and business premises being built at Klaavuntie 11 in the place of the old shopping centre, which was demolished in a sustainable manner.

Sustainable demolition

The old shopping centre in Puotila is Kojamo’s first demolition that has been carried out in accordance with the Green Deal commitment. In connection with the demolition of Puotila’s old shopping centre, most of the property’s waste has been recycled and all possible movables have been recovered. The material recovery target was at least 70 per cent of all non-hazardous waste, but the recovery rate ended up being as high as 87 per cent.

Environmental impact monitoring

As the new Lumo building on Klaavuntie is being built in a central location in Puotila, the impacts of construction on the surrounding residential area and environment have been carefully considered. The environmental impacts of earthworks, for example, are monitored in real time. Real-time monitoring enables quick corrective actions.

Safe construction site conditions

A large number of construction professionals with different backgrounds are involved in the construction of the foundation of the Lumo building in Puotila, and heavy equipment is constantly moving around on the site. A good area plan and site instructions are necessary to ensure safe working conditions.

Familiar services

The shopping centre’s range of services will not be disappearing, as several business premises will be completed at the street level of the new residential building. Familiar businesses from the old shopping centre will be moving to these premises.

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