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24.5.2022 | News

Sustainable demolition of Puotila shopping centre

The demolition of Puotila's old shopping centre has been carried out in accordance with the Green Deal commitment, recycling more than 70 per cent of the property's waste and recovering as much of the movable materials as possible.

Better urban living is currently being created in Puotila, as the old shopping centre is being demolished in a sustainable manner and new energy-efficient apartments and business premises are being built in its place.

Sustainable demolition and construction

At Klaavuntie 11, Helsinki, Kojamo’s first demolition in accordance with the Green Deal commitment has been carried out. In connection with the demolition of Puotila’s old shopping centre, most of the property’s waste has been recycled and all possible movables have been recovered. The material recovery target was at least 70 per cent of all non-hazardous waste.

“We have just received a report from the contractor on the recovery of materials from the Puotila shopping centre. Our target was at least 70 per cent, but the recovery rate of non-hazardous material is as high as 87 per cent,” says Sanni Husso, Project Manager for newly constructed properties.

The Green Deal is a green development programme launched by the European Commission to help the EU achieve climate neutrality in Europe by 2050. Kojamo is aiming for all its construction projects to implement sorting and recycling in accordance with the Green Deal commitment by the end of 2023.

At Kojamo, all new buildings are designed with an emphasis on long life cycles, versatility, adaptability and ease of repair and renovation. In addition to location and accessibility, construction is guided particularly by energy efficiency and increasing the carbon handprint. Sustainability issues have also played a major role in the design of Klaavuntie 11, which is expected to be completed in 2024 as an energy class A building with an E figure of 75.

The demolition of the old shopping centre was completed in February–March 2022.

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