Invoicing Information

Purchase invoices must be submitted as e-invoices.

For e-invoicing, you need the Agent ID code BAWCFI22 (Basware Oyj) and the recipient’s e-invoice code (OVT). The codes are indicated in the files available via the links below. The files were last updated on 26 th April 2024.

Invoicing addresses by municipality (pdf)

Invoicing addresses by company (pdf)

The invoicing address for purchase invoices is:
‘Appropriate legal entity’ (see the invoicing company column)
P.O. Box 1200
00101 Helsinki

Enquiries concerning invoices can be sent by e-mail to

E-invoicing service

If you are unable to send an e-invoice, we offer you a free service for sending paper invoices as e-invoices. The instructions and a link to the e-invoicing service are available via the following link.

Read more about the e-invoicing service

Submitting contract information to the tax authorities

Please indicate the project code primarily in the “office” field, or alternatively in the “buyer’s reference” field. It is important that the project code is indicated in the correct field to ensure that the information is relayed to Kojamo with the invoice data. For e-invoices sent via the supplier portal, the project code is indicated in the “site key” field. The project code is in the format VVX1234 and it is indicated in the order or contracting agreement.

Our project managers can provide additional information on contracts for which the project code must be indicated, and our accounts payable department can provide assistance in matters related to invoicing.

Enquiries concerning invoices can be sent by e-mail to or communicated by telephone at +358 20 508 3332.

Reverse charge in value added taxation at Kojamo

We hereby confirm that Kojamo Group companies are not businesses meeting the definition specified in Section 8c of the Finnish Value Added Tax Act, as they do not engage in the business activities referred to in paragraph 1 on a regular basis, nor are they resellers of services as referred to in paragraph 2.

For this reason, the reverse charge in value added taxation referred to in Section 8c of the Finnish Value Added Tax Act does not apply to construction services sold to Kojamo Group companies.

To request a statement concerning the company’s position as referred to in Section 8c of the Finnish Value Added Tax Act, please e-mail

The tariff for calling our company telephone numbers (+358 20 508 xxxx) is, according to the operator’s tariffs, 8.35 cents per call + 6.55 cents per minute for domestic calls from landlines, and 8.35 cents per call + 18.05 cents per minute for calls from mobile phones. The number +358 20 508 5000 serves our tenants at the tariff of 8.4 cents per minute. We record all calls to support the development of our customer service quality.

Page updated 26 April 2024