The e-invoicing service is free of charge to the invoicer. You may use the system by uploading an invoice generated by your invoicing system, or alternatively you can save and print the invoice directly within the application. You may also include attachments with your invoice, preferably in PDF format. The file names of attachments may not contain special characters, and spaces should be replaced with underscores.

To start using the service, you need to register, at which time an e-invoicing address will be generated for your company. When registering, you will choose the customer/customers to which you wish to send e-invoices. It is also possible to add customers later.

Read more (in Finnish):

Instructions for using the service (pdf)

Instructions for saving invoice templates

Kojamo Group uses a purchasing system. The order number of an order placed through the purchasing system is entered in the order number field. Kojamo Group also uses a contract invoicing system, and the contract number is entered in the contract number field.

More detailed information regarding the invoice is entered in the Description and/or Buyer’s reference field. For invoices related to a specific property, please indicate the number and address of the property, e.g. 10291 Kirstintie 30 A 5 .

Read more (in Finnish):

Instructions for the input fields on Kojamo invoices (pdf)


If you experience any problems with the invoicing service, please contact Basware’s technical support via the invoicing chat service or make a request for support here.

For other enquiries related to invoicing, please contact Kojamo by e-mail at ostoreskontra@kojamo.fi.

Page updated 13 December 2023