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2.6.2022 | News

The environmental impacts of construction in Puotila are monitored and optimised in real time

Better urban living is being created in Puotila, with new energy-efficient apartments and business premises being built in the place of the old shopping centre, which was demolished in a sustainable manner.

The old Puotila shopping centre was demolished in February–March 2022 in accordance with the Green Deal commitment. During summer 2022, approximately 835 concrete and steel piles will be sunk at the plot of the old shopping centre to create the foundations for the Lumo building to be constructed at Klaavuntie 11.

Environmental impact monitoring

As the new Lumo building on Klaavuntie is being built in a central location in Puotila, the impacts of construction on the surrounding residential area and environment have been carefully considered. The environmental impacts of earthworks, for example, are monitored in real time.

The groundwater level is monitored by means of sensors, and vibration sensors have been installed in the buildings adjacent to the construction site for the duration of the pile driving stage. The groundwater level must not be allowed to lower too much during excavation and the sinking of piles to prevent the wood piles of the neighbouring buildings from coming into contact with air, which would put them at risk of decaying. Real-time monitoring enables quick corrective action in case the water level becomes too low. Similarly, if the readings from the vibration sensors installed in the neighbouring buildings exceed the specified limits, the pile driving force is immediately reduced.

The duration of the demolition and earthworks stage is approximately six months.

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