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22.8.2022 | News

The detailed area plan and instructions at the Puotila construction site create safe working conditions for everyone

A large number of construction professionals with different backgrounds are involved in the construction of the foundation of the Lumo building in Puotila, and heavy equipment is constantly moving around on the site. A good area plan and site instructions are necessary to ensure safe working conditions.

New apartments and business premises are currently being built in the place of Puotila’s old shopping centre. A total of 113 Lumo rental apartments will be completed at Klaavuntie 11, Helsinki, in the summer of 2024.

Safe construction site conditions

A large number of people move around the Puotila construction site every day, operating large construction site vehicles and among heavy construction materials. To an outsider, the plot may look cramped and the work disorganised, but the use of the area has actually been planned very carefully and all employees and site visitors have been instructed accordingly. The area plan is constantly updated as construction work progresses and otherwise as necessary.

The construction site is fenced off to prevent unauthorised people from accidentally wandering into the area. All visits to the site are prearranged and guided, and all visitors are thoroughly instructed on how to move around the area. Appropriate safety equipment is always worn when moving around the site: safety footwear, hard hats, safety goggles and high visibility vests. Protective masks are also worn when necessary. People moving around the area are also monitored electronically for safety reasons.

Construction of the foundation of the building will take about 3 months.

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