Near-term risks and uncertainties

As stated in the Half-Year Report January-June 2020

Kojamo estimates that the most significant risks and uncertainties in the current review period are related to the development of the Finnish economy. The near-term risks arise particularly from the COVID-19 pandemic. The risks and their magnitude are affected by the development of the pandemic as well as the scope and duration of the measures introduced to limit the pandemic. Predicting the development of the pandemic and the impact of the restrictions is exceptionally difficult.

Economic development may affect the housing and financial markets in exceptional ways. These factors may have an impact on Kojamo’s profit and cash flow as well as the fair value of apartments. The economic downturn may lead to unemployment, which can affect the ability of residents to pay rent and, subsequently, the company’s rental income. The development of rental receivables and credit losses is actively monitored.

Urbanisation is expected to continue in the longer term. The supply of rental apartments may, however, increase locally in the main areas in which Kojamo operates, and the changes in supply and demand could have an impact on Kojamo’s tenant turnover or the financial occupancy rate and, thereby, rental income. The restrictions implemented in response to the pandemic may, in the short term, also affect people’s willingness to relocate and reduce migration.

If prolonged, the pandemic may have an impact on the operations of construction companies, which could result in delays in new projects. The prolongation of the pandemic could also have broader impacts on the housing market and property market, including apartment prices, rents and yield requirements.

A more detailed description of Kojamo’s strategic risks and uncertainties is provided in the Financial Statements 2019.

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Page updated 20 August 2020