Near-term risks and uncertainties

As given in the Financial Statements Release 2019

There were no significant changes in Kojamo’s near-term risks and uncertainties during the financial year.

Kojamo estimates that the risks and uncertainties in the current financial year are related, first and foremost, to the development of the Finnish economy. The economic development is reflected in both the housing and financial markets. These factors may have an impact on Kojamo’s profit and cash flow.

The general development of the economic climate in Finland may influence the fair value of the company’s apartments and the company’s cash flow.

The supply of rental apartments may increase locally in the main areas in which Kojamo operates, and the changes in supply and demand could have an impact on Kojamo’s tenant turnover or the financial occupancy rate and, thereby, rental income.

A more detailed description of the risks and uncertainties is presented in the 2019 financial statements.

Read more about Kojamo’s risk management here.

Page updated 13 February 2020