We comply with our ethical code

The ethical code for the Kojamo Group provides an overview, created for the benefit of our personnel, of the practices adopted by our Group in all interaction and communication with our stakeholders, society and the environment. The ethical code applies to all units and functions.

Kojamo Group expects all current and future members of our community to adhere to these principles and conduct their duties in a responsible manner. We also expect our collaboration partners to commit to a similar responsible approach in their operations.

Compliance with laws and regulations

All business relations undertaken by the company will be conducted as provided in the ethical code and in strict compliance with laws and regulations. The company is committed to operating in an honest and fair manner and avoiding any activities that might compromise this commitment.

Conflicts of interest

The management and personnel shall not undertake any activities that could lead to a conflict between their personal interests and the interests of the company, the company’s business partners, customers or other stakeholders.

It is also against our ethical code to take advantage of, disclose or use confidential information that has come to an employee’s knowledge on the basis of their position or duties. Information may only be disclosed when legally required or when the owner of the information has given permission to do so.

Bribery, hospitality and company gifts

Kojamo Group personnel or anyone representing the Group are not allowed to offer, give or accept bribes. Bribery in any possible form is strictly forbidden. No inappropriate financial benefit is to be offered to business partners or public officials with the purpose of promoting the business operations of the Group or gaining any other advantage for the Group.

Accepting and offering gifts and benefits is allowed if they are minor and reasonable in terms of amount and value.

Responsibility for the personnel

A competent and healthy personnel play a central role in enabling Kojamo Group to achieve its goals. We comply with the current employment legislation and collective bargaining agreement as well as the personnel policy adopted in our Group. We offer our personnel a safe working environment and we invest in the welfare of our personnel in many different ways.

Each member of our staff is treated equally regardless of their gender, age, origin or political or religious beliefs. Kojamo Group has a zero-tolerance policy regarding discrimination and harassment.

Environmental responsibility

Kojamo Group is developing its operations to continually improve its ecological efficiency. Clearly the most significant environmental aspect to take into consideration is the energy consumption in our properties. Our principle in all situations is to adopt the most appropriate and efficient use of energy without compromising on the quality and conditions of housing. Energy use is constantly being improved based on the goals agreed in the VAETS programme. Our aim is to exceed the energy efficiency requirement in all our new-build properties and renovation projects.

Preventing climate change is a long-term commitment at Kojamo Group and a consideration in all our business development actions. Kojamo is a member of CLC, which enables us to improve our efforts to help prevent global warming and, in this way, build a better future for the housing sector.

The Kojamo Group Head Office has adopted the WWF Green Office environmental system.


Kojamo Group complies with the obligations of the Contractor’s Liability Act in its procurements, and any party in our procurement chain or in a permanent business relationship with us must also commit to compliance with the Act, as well as the other components of our ethical code. Furthermore, we require all parties in the procurement chain that are involved in renovation, new construction and property maintenance to be members of the tilaajavastuu.fi register, to not use illegal labour, to take care of their statutory social obligations, and to commit to achieving Kojamo Group’s environmental objectives.

Kojamo Group undertakes to comply with RAKLI ry’s guidelines on the prevention of financial crime and on health and safety at work. We treat our partners equally and favour ethically sustainable competition. The business operations of our suppliers may not be dependent on the acquisition made by Kojamo Group or the operations of any single company. As a rule, commissioning work from companies with which a Group employee is closely associated through a close business, family or friendship relation is prohibited.


Sponsorship is part of Kojamo Group’s marketing communications and its purpose is to promote the Group’s positive public image. Sponsorship is provided gratuitously, is conducted according to a prior plan and is transparent. The recipient of sponsorship must be in line with the Group’s values and ethical code. Kojamo Group offers sponsorships at the discretion of the Management Group and a separate advisory panel.

Violations of the ethical code

Possible observations of any unethical activities or other malpractice must be reported whenever there are grounds to do so. Any non-compliance with guidelines must be primarily reported to one’s line manager. If this is not possible, employees may contact the line manager’s manager, HR or internal audit. The employee who reports any potential wrongdoing will not suffer any negative impact in their current or future career. Reported cases will be processed as rapidly as possible, in strict confidence and impartially.

Kojamo Group reserves the right on acceptable grounds to amend the content of this ethical code and will in such a case require its business partners to comply with the amendments.

Page updated 31 August 2020