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3.7.2019 | News

Lumo car-share vehicles are now full hybrids

Car sharing has been included in the services offered to tenants of Lumo homes since 2015. This summer, all of the passenger cars available to tenants of Lumo homes have been replaced by self-charging full hybrid vehicles.

All of the passenger cars available to tenants of Lumo homes are now self-charging full hybrid vehicles. The cars charge their batteries by capturing braking energy and using a portion of the internal combustion engine’s power while driving. Self-charging hybrids do not need to be plugged in for charging, which increases the convenience of their use. 

The car sharing network provided for the tenants of Lumo homes is among the largest in Finland. Lumo tenants currently have access to shared cars at approximately 30 locations across Finland. More car sharing vehicles are acquired when there is demand for them, also at new properties. 

Lumo is a rental property market frontrunner that cares about the environment and offers sustainable shared-use services. Car sharing is one example of housing services that make life easier for tenants and reduce the impact on the environment. 

A study commissioned last year by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Finnish Transport Agency and the Finnish Transport Safety Agency indicated that people want to use shared vehicles, particularly for journeys that deviate from their daily routines. Car ownership is not a necessity in urban environments. 

The growing popularity of car sharing has numerous benefits: it also reduces the need for parking spaces.  

“Some 2,000 tenants of our Lumo homes have already registered as users of car sharing services. The number has increased substantially over the past couple of years. The underlying reasons include driving becoming more expensive and a change in people’s attitudes. People have also become more aware of environmental concerns,” says Customer Account Manager Pekka Kivistö

The shared vehicles at Lumo homes are easy to find in designated spots in the parking areas of Lumo properties. Lumo provides tenants with free driving for the first two hours and a customer account with 24Rent that offers reduced prices for rental cars. Customers can use the car around the clock and for weekend trips, for example. 

“With new hybrid cars, you can use electricity to power as much as half of your driving in urban areas. The collective sustainability impact of the tenants of Lumo homes is already substantial, and car sharing is part of the future of housing services. We believe that Lumo can change the world and people’s attitudes, one home and one tenant at a time,” Kivistö concludes. 

Further information:

Pekka Kivistö, Customer Account Manager, Lumo homes, tel. +358 400 948 750,

Irene Kantor, Marketing and Communications Director, Kojamo plc, tel. +358 40 5359 227,

Matti Hänninen, CEO, 24 Rental Network Oy, tel. +358 9 4245 1481, 

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