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20.12.2023 | News

The latest updates to the My Lumo service for residents

During 2023, we have developed the My Lumo service based on wishes of our residents. The aim of these changes has been to increase customer satisfaction, reduce number of customer service contacts and improve customer service.

Tia Honkanen, Piia Hyvärinen, Tiia Enckell, Sasa Huovinen, Miko Parkkinen and Anna Saarinen who participated in the development of the My Lumo service

This year, the My Lumo service has been developed on the basis of residents’ wishes. The changes were made based on a resident survey and usability testing carried out last year, and their aim was to improve client satisfaction and retention, as well as to reduce the number of customer service contacts.
These changes make the service more user-friendly and enhance communication between the property manager and residents. In addition, residents from a foreign background have been taken into account better than before, and booking sauna slots has been made easier and more flexible.  

Improving communication between residents and the property manager

We improved communication between the property manager and residents by enabling communication through fault reports. Thanks to this update, all the information shared by a resident is collected in one place and a resident who has submitted a fault report can now supplement the same report with additional information and photos, which clarifies and speeds up communication and the resolving of situations.  
In addition, the need for communication through different communication channels has decreased, as discussion of a reported fault no longer needs to be continued by phone or e-mail. 

The change will not only improve the customer experience and smooth communication, but also reduce unnecessary communication with building management and customer service. Communicating through fault reports saves both the resident’s and the property manager’s time, and the function also makes it easier to manage the property manager’s work and situations where someone is standing in for them.

Better consideration of residents speaking a different language

We updated the English user interface of the My Lumo service to better meet the needs of our residents of foreign origin. As a result of localisation, the user can choose their preferred language between English and Finnish. Resident notices, Feed messages and notifications are displayed to the user in the language of their choice. 

Easy and independent booking of sauna slots

We have also updated the sauna booking system, which now allows some Lumo residents to book their sauna slots independently via the electronic booking calendar. In Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa, the update will enter into force in the first half of 2024. 
Free sauna slots can be booked as either regular or one-off reservations. In addition to the free sauna slots, the sauna calendar shows the already booked slots as well as possible shared sauna reservations. Residents can also subscribe to the Sauna Alert service if there are no free slots. When a resident subscribes to the Sauna Alert, the service sends an e-mail when there are free slots available for reservation in the building. 
By enabling our residents to book sauna slots independently, we offer them a better resident experience, increase resident satisfaction, develop sauna reservation communications into a more real-time system, free up resources for other work from customer service, and achieve cost savings in terms of energy as well as maintenance and cleaning.

Completion of the first phase of the user interface update

At the end of the year, the first phase of the user interface update was completed, in which the My Lumo service was made clearer and easier to use. 
For the user interface update, we collected feedback from our residents on the usability of the My Lumo service as a continuous NPS survey and with the help of a broader usability survey. A huge number of residents participated in the development: more than 700 residents responded to the broad usability survey and 10 residents participated in usability testing.

Other noteworthy changes

In addition to the My Lumo service updates, this year we have developed the webstore by adding a travel time search and the Apartment Agent service, which further facilitate apartment search: the travel time search shows the customer apartments that are reachable in the desired time using public transport, and the AI-based Apartment Agent, in turn, recommends suitable homes based on previous searches. 

We also extended the opening hours of our customer service so that we can better serve our customers: The chats on the My Lumo service and the website are now open from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 
In addition, separate chatbots were created to replace the website’s previous generic chatbot for both customers using the My Lumo service and customers, so that both current residents and potential residents receive a more targeted service.  
The development work will continue enthusiastically next year, when, for example, the next stages of the user interface update will be published. Thank you to all our residents and Kojamo employees who have been involved in developing an even better living experience!