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27.6.2024 | News

Customers seeking new homes prefer and recommend Lumo webstore for renting apartments

Nearly 41,000 apartment seekers have found suitable homes through the webstore of Lumo homes. Customers appreciate the freedom of choice and the easy rental process. Up to 100 per cent of webstore renters recommend the service to others as well.

Liisa Reinilä, Sales Manager at Lumo Homes

Customers easily find the best homes in the Lumo webstore

Rental apartment seekers value the ease of renting. Lumo webstore has been popular for several years due to its clarity and ease of use. These descriptions frequently appear in customer feedback.

“Renting online should be so easy that anyone can do it anytime. Our service is also based on the idea that the customer chooses us, not the other way around,” explains Liisa Reinilä, Sales Manager, who is deeply involved in the development of the Lumo webstore.

“It’s wonderful that you make renting easy! In the midst of shift work and a busy schedule, it’s frustrating to go to apartment viewings and queue.”

Lumo webstore renter, feedback survey 2024

In addition to the simplicity of the rental process, the developers of the Lumo webstore have focused on details. The goal is to present all the information needed in the rental process clearly and comprehensively so that renting directly online feels safe, and there are no unpleasant surprises afterwards.

Those moving from one city to another often praise the comprehensiveness of the information provided in the Lumo webstore. Through the webstore, it is also possible to get to know previously unfamiliar residential areas and their nearby services.

“A convenient and quick although a bit daunting way to rent a future home.”

Lumo webstore renter, feedback survey 2024

The webstore experts of Lumo homes ensure that the descriptions and photos of the apartments are up to date. They have extensive experience in the housing sector and an excellent understanding of what information customers need when renting a new home.

“A very convenient site where you can see comprehensive information about the apartment and immediately rent it if you wish. Thank you!”

Lumo webstore renter, feedback survey 2024

“In April 2024, all customers, i.e. 100 percent of those who rented an apartment from the Lumo webstore, recommended the service. The overall recommendation percentage at the end of May was 93/100. This is an extremely high result and truly humbling,” Reinilä rejoices.

The newest features of the webstore have increased the occupancy rate

The original Lumo webstore was launched in 2015. Roughly in its current form, the webstore was released at in 2020, but the service has been significantly developed after that as well. Major updates in recent years have included map search, Apartment Agent, and travel time search.

“Statistics show that customers who have utilised the newest features of the webstore rent an apartment from us more often than others. Thus, they find a suitable home more easily,” says Reinilä, and continues:

“Of course, the develop work of the webstore still continues. For example, customers have not yet seen the final form of the AI-based Apartment Agent. We continuously collect feedback and conduct user surveys and research to understand where we can still improve,” Reinilä explains.

In the future, the website will also better consider accessibility, such as customers with mobility and visual impairments that may affect their ability to use the site.

“Feedback that warms my heart especially includes those where customers mention being in a difficult life situation, but despite the great stress or grief, finding and renting a new home has been easy and quick through the Lumo webstore,” Reinilä rejoices.

The purpose of the Lumo webstore is specifically to make life easier for customers looking for a new home.

“Easy to make a rental agreement and no need to worry about whether you’ll get the apartment or not.”

Lumo webstore renter, feedback survey 2024