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8.6.2023 | News

Artificial intelligence-based Apartment Agent helps you find a home that looks like your own

Apartment Agent is a new feature in the Lumo webstore. Its purpose is to help customers looking for a new home find their dream Lumo home easily with the help of a recommendation algorithm based on artificial intelligence. In the rental housing market, it is the first of its kind.

Apartment Agent illustration: Ville Salonen, Napa Agency

Light login for personalisation

Apartment Agent personalises the customer experience in the Lumo home webstore by finding the best Lumo homes for the light-logged user after learning what kinds of apartments the customer is interested in.

Apartment Agent can be accessed by logging in to with an easy disposable code, i.e. through a light login system. After logging in, Apartment Agent will start making personalised apartment recommendations to the user based on their choices on the website. 

Apartment Agent collects information on searches made for apartments, the apartment pages viewed, apartments added as favourites and the criteria chosen by the user, for example. Based on this information, the recommendation algorithm that runs in the background gradually learns what kinds of apartments the user is interested in and begins to recommend apartments that may be suitable for them.

The light login system has received a lot of good feedback from users. Logging in makes it easier to search for an apartment by keeping your own favourites and recommended apartments in the same place on every device.

However, the service launched in January 2023 is only the first version of the Apartment Agent: it is still in the early stages of its career and is constantly learning new things.

Creating a personalised customer experience with pioneering steps

Regardless of the industry, AI-assisted and personalised digital services have become more common and developed rapidly in recent years. For many people, personalised customer experience is an important criterion when choosing a service and a way to find content and products that are relevant to them from the endless data pool of the internet. 

Artificial intelligence has the opportunity to take the user experience of the rental apartments webstore to a new level, as it is now even easier to find homes that meet your needs. 

Apartment Agent is one of the means by which we continuously strive to improve the customer experience at Lumo homes and strengthen our brand image in accordance with our company values: courage to renew, joy to serve and a desire to succeed.

Although artificial intelligence has conquered the world effectively in recent years, Apartment Agent is the first of its kind in the rental housing market. In developing the service, the aim was not only to improve the customer experience, but also test the artificial intelligence phenomenon in a new market.

AI to support development work

Artificial intelligence was also used in the development phase of Apartment Agent, and artificial intelligence brought an interesting additional tool to the development work. During the design process, a discussion was held with the highly popular AI-based ChatGPT chatbot, and the use of AI illustrations was also considered. In the end, however, it was decided to do the illustrations by hand. The visual appearance of Apartment Agent was created by Ville Salonen (Napa Agency). 

In addition to artificial intelligence, a large number of experts were also involved in developing Apartment Agent.

“This service package has been developed with great heart in cooperation with many wonderful Kojamo employees and our extended family of consultants. We want to thank all of you who have been involved in the design of Apartment Agent and the light logging system, in the research, in the specifications that required attention and precision, and in creating the look of Apartment Agent! Together, we are much more,” says Kojamo’s UX/UI Designer Tia Honkanen.

Have you already tested what kinds of apartments Apartment Agent recommends for you?

Apartment Agent is available to anyone who logs in to Apartment Agent can be found on the Lumo webstore’s Favorites page; you can start by logging in from there.