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11.4.2024 | News

Would you like to find a home that is 15 minutes away by public transport from your workplace, school, hobbies or grandma’s house? Travel time search makes it possible!

Travel time search for Lumo homes is an entirely new way to search for an apartment in Finland – a suitable distance from the most important fixtures of your everyday life.

With the help of travel time search, a new home can be found within the desired distance using HSL’s means of transport.

A new function has been published in the Lumo webstore in March 2023: a travel time search that helps customers looking for an apartment in the Helsinki Regional Transport Authority’s (HSL) area to find a Lumo home from where it is easy to travel to important destinations using public transport within the desired time radius.

In addition to the basic elements of the apartment, such as the number of rooms and size, customers looking for a new home can now select only those available Lumo homes that can be found 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes away from an address that is important to them, such as a school, workplace, hobbies or, for example, from their grandparents’ house.

The webstore offers customers using the travel time search apartments that can be reached within the desired time using public transportation.

Taking the use of public transport into account supports sustainable housing

Lumo homes are located in Finland’s largest cities, along good public transport links. Lumo wants to further promote the use of public transport for its customers by offering a travel time search that encourages the use of buses, metros, trains and trams when moving around the capital region.

“Our goal is for as many people as possible to move near good public transport links and take advantage of HSL’s comprehensive services while living in the capital region, which would reduce the need for private cars,” says Tia Honkanen, UX/UI Designer at Lumo Homes.

The new function of the Lumo webstore has been well-received since its usability testing began.

“Many potential apartments or residential areas may be overlooked by those looking for a new home without the travel time search. This search function helps, for example, those moving to a previously unfamiliar residential area for their studies or work to learn about the area’s transport links,” Honkanen says.

How does travel time search work in practice?

The travel time search can be found in the Lumo webstore in connection with the apartment search. The travel time search only works in the HSL area and takes into account only whether the selected address can be reached within the selected time radius by public transport in accordance with the schedules available from HSL.

Travel time search can be used in both the search list and the map view.

The list view and its search results are based on the searched location. If the user searches for one-bedroom apartments in Helsinki, only the one-bedroom apartments located in Helsinki that fall within the desired travel time radius will be displayed in the search results.

The map, on the other hand, shows the one-bedroom apartments in all HSL areas that fall within the radius of the selected travel time. In other words, if the user selects a travel time of 30 minutes, for example, apartments in Espoo and Vantaa will also be shown on the map because they can also be reached from the Helsinki address within the selected time radius.

Test the travel time search by looking for a home in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Tuusula, Kerava, Kauniainen and Kirkkonummi at

Please note that the travel time search does not allow you to choose a means of transport, and the service does not take into account seasonal changes in schedules or possible road works. These details must be checked through HSL separately.

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