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17.4.2020 | Blogs

I increase the number of Kojamo’s apartments with new apartment buildings

Elina Sillanpää, Project Development Manager, Ownership and investment

I acquire sites where you can build or develop new apartment buildings and, in this manner, I contribute to offering our customers apartments in desired locations. At Kojamo, I have the chance to be part of a great team in various real estate development projects to increase the number of our apartments and to create better urban housing.

The acquisitions are typically apartment buildings acquired from construction firms on a turnkey basis (projects where the construction firm has the overall responsibility for the entire construction project) or buildings at the end of their lifecycle that are demolished, with a subsequent zoning change to allow the construction of an apartment building and finally the construction of the building. The purpose of buildings can also be changed: for instance, offices can be turned into apartments. In addition, I make profitability calculations regarding the changes to our existing housing stock, such as demolition and re-construction.

Kojamo is a company that has a positive approach towards renewal and genuinely wants to be a pioneer and create better urban housing responsibly.

Although projects vary a lot, they contain many similar elements. In all projects, you must have plans made and also manage the planning to ensure that our apartments meet our customers’ needs. In addition, a profitability calculation is made for each project. One of the challenges in my job is that you must make many assumptions about the future.

The acquisition of a new site always involves a lot of investigation. You must know the market situation and the development of the area and look into zoning, construction and infrastructure projects, access to services and the neighbourhood in general, among other things. Kojamo is in a good financial position and wants to grow by increasing the number of its apartments. Indeed, Kojamo is considered a good partner for residential building projects.

Kojamo is a company that has a positive approach towards renewal and genuinely wants to be a pioneer and create better urban housing responsibly. For me, this can be seen in how there are opportunities to try out new things and participate in unique residential projects in addition to more ordinary projects.

The highlight of my Kojamo career so far took place at the beginning of March when we signed a cooperation agreement to buy 676 apartments, including a tower building to be constructed in the Kalasatama district and five other properties in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. I can hardly wait to see these magnificent Lumo rental apartments completed!

Elina Sillanpää

Project Development Manager, Ownership and investment

Sillanpää has worked for Kojamo as a Project Development Manager since 2017.