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1.12.2023 | Press releases

Nearly 72% of respondents to the resident survey of Lumo homes regard their landlord as a sustainable operator

Kojamo plc Media release 1 December 2023 at 2:00 p.m. 

Nearly 72% of respondents to the resident survey of Lumo homes regard their landlord as a sustainable operator

Lumo homes carried out an annual survey among its residents on the sustainability of housing. The majority of respondents feel that Lumo is a sustainable or even highly sustainable landlord. The number of respondents and sustainability points increased from the previous year.

Lumo wanted to hear the opinions of its residents on the sustainability of Lumo rental housing and any wishes they might have, so it conducted a survey among its residents. The purpose of the survey was to find out what residents consider to be most important in terms of sustainability of housing and to see how opinions have changed since a year ago (Lumo Homes Responsibility Survey for Residents 2022).

More than 2,000 Lumo residents responded to the survey, which is 400 residents more than last year. The majority of respondents this year were from the Helsinki capital region, Tampere, Turku, Oulu and Jyväskylä – the largest cities in Finland, where the operations of Lumo homes are also focused. There were respondents from all age groups. 

In the survey, residents were asked to assess how sustainable Lumo is as a landlord. More than 70 per cent of the respondents considered Lumo homes to be either a sustainable or a very sustainable operator. 

The Lumo residents still value the same things as last year: the most important sustainability theme for housing was extensive waste sorting opportunities both at home and in the waste collection point. The residents find indoor environmental conditions, i.e. home temperature and ventilation, nearly as important. The third most important theme for the residents was security. Energy efficiency and the location of the home were also highly valued. 

Based on the results of last year’s survey, the theme year for sorting and recycling at Lumo homes has continued strongly throughout the year. Lumo has invested particularly in the recycling guidelines for residents, active resident communication regarding recycling and piloted various recycling efficiency solutions in cooperation with residents and cooperation partners. 

“We are very pleased with the activity and suggestions of our residents. The responsibility survey aimed at residents is an excellent way to ensure that we develop our operations in line with residents’ wishes and expectations. Theme year for sorting and recycling is a good example of this,” says Niina Turri, Sustainability Manager at Lumo homes. 

Residents were also asked about ideas for improving community, security and comfort, as well as ideas for a more sustainable everyday life. In addition, residents were asked to share user experiences of the sustainable lifestyle services offered by Lumo homes.

A lot of open feedback was hoped for this year, and it was received.  

“The aim is to use the feedback received in the next year’s operational planning. We will return to more detailed results and measures after the end of the year,” Turri says.


For more information: Niina Turri, Sustainability Manager, Lumo Homes, tel. +358 20 508 4018,


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