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19.6.2024 | Press releases

Lumo homes smoke-free as requested by residents

Kojamo plc Media release 19 June 2024 at 3:00 p.m.

Lumo homes smoke-free as requested by residents

Lumo homes have had smoke-free buildings since 2017, but from June 2024 onwards, all new tenancy agreements will be smoke-free. 

Developing comfort of living according to residents’ wishes

In a sustainability survey, Lumo asked its residents to evaluate the sustainability of Lumo homes and to provide suggestions for improvements to make everyday life more sustainable. More than 2,000 residents responded to the survey and almost 72 per cent of respondents considered Lumo homes to be a sustainable or even extremely sustainable operator.

One of the topics highlighted in the open feedback from residents was the impact of smoking on living comfort. The residents hoped that Lumo homes would take action on the indirect effects of smoking.

"In response to our residents’ wishes, we have decided that all new tenancy agreements will be made smoke-free from 1 June 2024 onwards. This means that Lumo homes will become smoke-free one apartment at a time in the buildings that are not already completely smoke-free,” says Ville Kilpi, Director of House Management at Lumo homes.

A smoke-free apartment means that smoking is not allowed inside the apartment, on the balcony or in the apartment courtyard.

Smoke-free Lumo homes

All Lumo buildings built or renovated after 2017 are smoke-free. There are currently about 200 buildings, comprising close to 11,000 apartments, where smoking is already prohibited both indoors and, on the balconies, and apartment courtyards. 

Those living in or visiting a smoke-free building are only allowed to smoke in a specially marked smoking area in the courtyard.

The policy of new, smoke-free tenancy agreements does not always mean that a neighbour is not allowed to smoke on their balcony. The policy change made at the beginning of June does not apply to previous tenancy agreements.

"In apartments where smoking is still allowed, it is the residents’ responsibility to ensure that the smoking does not disturb other residents. We have emphasised this to our residents," says Kilpi.

The new policy has a major impact on promoting a smoke-free environment, as it concerns the apartments of Finland’s largest private housing investment company with more than 40,000 apartments.

Residents welcomed the new policy predominantly with praise. The residents were particularly pleased with the policy with the summer in mind. Spending time on your balcony and keeping the windows open to cool down your home at the end of a hot summer’s day is much more pleasant when there is no cigarette smoke to bother you.

"Responding to the resident surveys really pays off because we genuinely develop our operations by listening to our residents’ wishes. If you missed the most recent survey, don't worry. You can expect more surveys and measures based on your feedback in the future," says Kilpi.


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