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17.3.2023 | Press releases

Lumo homes are focusing on the theme of sorting and recycling this year – the aim is to achieve a large improvement in the recycling rate

Kojamo plc Media release 17 March 2023 at 10.00 a.m.

Lumo homes are focusing on the theme of sorting and recycling this year – the aim is to achieve a large improvement in the recycling rate 

Lumo aims to increase the waste recycling rate of its properties to 55 per cent through close cooperation with its residents.

In autumn 2022, Lumo homes launched a pilot that brought together residents from all over Finland to discuss sustainable living in more detail and under various themes. The discussions continued for the remainder of the year. The sorting and recycling of waste was one of the themes of the sustainability discussions.

In response to the residents’ wishes for development, and to achieve the company’s recycling target, Lumo homes decided to make 2023 a theme year for sorting and recycling. Development measures are taken in close cooperation with the most important stakeholder with regard to the effective sorting of waste: the residents of Lumo homes.

Sorting and recycling is the theme for 2023

Lumo homes has set a target of increasing the waste recycling rate of its properties from 33 per cent (2022) to 55 per cent. Improving the effectiveness of communications on recycling has been identified as a key method of increasing the recycling rate.

“This year, we are focusing particularly on improving the residents’ awareness of recycling and sorting by communicating more detailed information on different types of waste and providing more guidance at the waste disposal areas of our properties,” says Sustainability Manager Niina Turri.

As part of the theme year focusing on sorting and recycling, the sorting instructions at Lumo homes will be updated, with more emphasis placed on the story behind waste: why is it important to sort waste correctly, and what are the next steps on the journey from the waste disposal room to recycling and recovery. Different languages and illustrations are used to make the content accessible to residents representing various backgrounds.

The sorting of waste by residents is supported through active communication with residents, particularly through the My Lumo service, which now reaches almost 83 per cent of Lumo residents. More conventional channels, such as physical notice boards, are also used for communication with residents.

“Clear messaging, a multi-channel approach and repetition are key to ensuring that this important message reaches people. We want all of our residents to understand the significance of correct recycling as part of a sustainable lifestyle,” Turri explains.

Lumo is piloting stylish and versatile waste sorting containers

One issue that was highlighted in the discussions with residents regarding the challenges associated with sorting and recycling was the observation that the kitchens of older Lumo buildings do not have enough waste sorting containers.

New Lumo buildings are equipped with pull-out waste bins for 3–4 different waste fractions. Bins for multiple waste fractions are introduced at older buildings in connection with renovations. Lumo homes is approaching the comprehensive upgrading of waste bins across its entire property portfolio by testing the practical functionality of multi-fraction waste bins.

During spring 2023, Lumo will deliver stylish and versatile detached waste sorting bins to 1,000 apartments. The residents can place the bins in their homes as they please. The waste sorting bins will be a permanent piece of the apartment’s furnishings.

The photo shows the SmartStore Collect waste sorting bin to be delivered to the Lumo homes.

The pilot project covers Lumo buildings located in the capital region, Turku and Tampere that have particular room for improvement in their recycling rate and are not going to be renovated in the near future, which would include upgrading the waste bins in the kitchens.

Orthex Group manufactures the products from recycled plastic in Lohja Finland.

The residents participating in the pilot will also be invited to engage in dialogue by sharing ideas on where to place the waste sorting bins, how to use them, and how to further improve the sorting of waste. The residents will also be kept up-to-date on the development of their building’s waste recycling rate. 

“We will keep a close eye on the effect of our enhanced recycling communications and the waste sorting bin pilot on the development of waste volumes at each building, and we will use the results to develop our operations further,” Niina Turri concludes.


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