Corporate culture

Our corporate culture describes the way we operate on a daily basis. Kojamo’s strategy, mission, vision and values form its foundation.

Creating and developing an excellent customer experience is at the core of our corporate culture. Each Kojamo employee’s way of working and serving customers plays a role in building it. The strengths of our culture include strong shared values, customer orientation, meaningful work, courage, a strong spirit in our local teams and a culture of getting things done.

Our values guide our operations

Our values, created together with our personnel, form the foundation of our corporate culture.

Happy to serve

  • Our service is high-quality, professional, friendly and respectful of the customer.
  • We want to listen and understand our customers and solve the customer’s needs.
  • We treat and serve each person as an individual.
  • We earn our customers’ trust each day.

Strive for success

  • We always want to do things better, achieve results and accomplish our goals.
  • We bear responsibility for our work and take pride in its results.
  • We value each other’s expertise and work together.
  • We encourage each other and recognise each other’s strong performance.
  • We keep our promises.

Courage to change

  • We have an open-minded attitude towards change. We dare to look for new ideas and best practices by challenging conventional ways of working.
  • Development includes experimentation and we are not afraid to try new things. We learn from our mistakes.
  • We are also a pioneer in the use of new technologies.

In addition to our values, we find it important to operate in an equal, fair and just manner. We believe that working should be fun – while taking our work seriously.  

Our strategy is visible in everyday work

We set goals for our operations and help each other reach them. We highlight successes related to our goals and find solutions together that develop our operations even further.

Excellent customer experience is important to us

Excellent customer experience is important to every Kojamo employee and all our values are reflected in its realisation. We are constantly developing our operations together with our customers.

We recognise each other’s strong performance

The aim of recognising strong performance is to support the strengthening of our corporate culture and achievement of our strategic goals. Throughout the year, we reward teams and colleagues who have put in exemplary effort in achieving excellent customer experience. Top performances are also recognised at the annual Kojamo day.

Page updated 10 November 2023