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13.6.2019 | Career stories

Property manager’s tasks are wide-ranging and rewarding

Riku Rouvinen works at Kojamo as a property manager. His office is located in the Helsinki Metropolitan area and he works at the headquarters in Helsinki. Riku has previously worked as an electrician, and at the moment, he is studying electrical engineering on the side.

– For quite some time now I’ve wanted to work with sales and customer service. Working as an electrician did not really include these aspects, Riku says.

Riku spotted Kojamo’s recruitment ad for summer employees a few years back and thought that working as a property manager would be an amazing opportunity to try customer service and sales. He decided to apply for the position on the spot, got the job and continues working at Kojamo today. At the moment, he has a temporary contract as he’s studying on the side.

Working as a property manager demands a tactful approach

According to Riku, a property manager’s work is very wide-ranging.

-A property manager’s tasks are really versatile: we answer to various maintenance requests and help customers with their daily challenges as well as moving in or out, among other things, Riku lists.

Working as a property manager demands a tactful approach. Good people skills and some experience or a keen interest in helping with housing challenges come in handy.

–As a property manager, it is important to be able to pick up the essential information from the maintenance request and make the right decisions based on that, Riku says.

Feeling at home at Kojamo

Riku sees Kojamo as a really great place to work. The best part of Riku’s work is that it is very rewarding and puts him in a good mood. In addition, his colleagues make working especially fun.

–The best part of this work is definitely the work community. There’s a really relaxed vibe in our team and you can always ask questions or joke around with different people, Riku says.

There’s a really relaxed vibe in our team and you can always ask questions or joke around with different people

Riku is motivated by successful experiences, such as finding a solution to a tricky situation while keeping the customer satisfied.

– This is not assembly line work – every case is unique, Riku says.

A combination of responsible and relaxed work

As someone who started as a summer employee, Riku urges people who are interested in a relaxed atmosphere, great colleagues and personal fulfilment to apply for a job at Kojamo.

– I can warmly recommend Kojamo for anyone looking for a summer job. Here you can do responsible work with a relaxed touch, Riku says.

Are you interested in working as a property manager? Apply for a summer job at:

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