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14.11.2023 | Career stories

Sales representatives Roosa and Samir talk about their work

Lumo sales representatives Roosa and Samir have worked at Kojamo for several years already: Roosa for three and a half years and Samir for well over four years. What has made them feel comfortable at Kojamo and what else do they have to say about their work?

Roosa and Samir both say that they like working at Kojamo thanks to diverse and inspiring tasks and the good work community, among other things.

According to Roosa, the key characteristics of a sales representative are focus on customer service and sales as well as the ability to see things from the customer’s point of view. Samir says that he also benefits from his diverse language skills: in addition to Finnish and English, he speaks fluent Arabic, Spanish and French, which many of his customers appreciate.

While Samir spends most of his working time in the field, Roosa also works a lot at the office.

What else do Roosa and Samir say about their work? What makes them feel like they have succeeded and why do they think it is a good idea to apply for a job at Kojamo? Watch the video below! The video is available in Finnish only.

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