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2.3.2022 | Press releases

Kojamo plc’s Annual Report for 2021 published

Kojamo plc Press release 2 March 2022 at 10:00 Kojamo has published its Annual Report for 2021, which includes the company’s sustainability report. The Annual Report provides information about Kojamo’s business operations, operating environment and progress of the strategy and sustainability work.

Kojamo’s Annual Report for 2021 has been published, and it is available at In addition to the Annual Report, the annual reporting available on the website consists of the Board of Directors’ Report, Financial Statements, Corporate Governance Statement, Corporate Governance Statement and Remuneration Report, published on 17 February 2022.

The Annual Report includes Kojamo’s Sustainability Report, which describes the company’s sustainability commitments and targets and the progress of the sustainability work. The report has been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards and the EPRA (European Public Real Estate Association) Sustainability Best Practices Recommendations. 

First year of implementation of the sustainability programme

Kojamo’s sustainability programme is based on the company’s strategy and mission of creating better urban living. In accordance with its sustainability programme published in December 2020, Kojamo is committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and to achieving carbon-neutral energy consumption in its properties by 2030. 

Kojamo’s sustainability programme includes four sustainability focus areas. These are: sustainable cities; the best customer experience; the most competent personnel and a dynamic place to work; and a responsible corporate citizen. The supporting pillars of the sustainability programme are securing long-term profitability and growth, sustainable and responsible operations and transparent sustainability communications and reporting. 

The most significant recognition for sustainability work in 2021 was the success in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB). Kojamo participated in the GRESB assessment for the second time and improved its results, receiving 77 points out of 100. The score improved by seven points compared to the previous year. With this result, Kojamo outperformed both its own comparison group and the average score of all participants in the assessment and earned its second Green Star recognition and three stars out of five.

Validation of sustainability reporting

The validation of Kojamo’s 2021 Sustainability Report was carried out by KPMG Oy Ab. Selected environmental indicators for energy consumption, water consumption and emissions were subject to the validation. This is the first time the validation has been carried out. The assurance report can be found as part of the Annual Report.

Kojamo plc’s Annual Report for 2021:

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