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27.4.2016 | Blogs

Summer employees value trust and an open atmosphere

Veli-Jussi Vuorinen starts his second run as a VVO summer employee in May. His career at VVO was launched already in autumn 2014 when he began his internship as an hourly worker. Veli-Jussi studies business economics at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and, in the autumn, he will continue at Aalto University to do his master’s studies in business law.

Just like last year, Veli-Jussi will be taking care of showings for Lumo rental apartments. Compared to last year, one of changes to Veli-Jussi’s work is the online rental service Lumo launched 2015. In addition, the visibility of the Lumo brand has increased both on the streets and in the media, becoming more familiar to Veli-Jussi on the way as well.

Veli-Jussi has had nice experiences of working for VVO. He especially values the trust placed in him: it is needed if he is to fill the shoes of real professionals in the field.

“I had good training and the team was very welcoming. This place is a bit special in the sense that there are no special tasks for summer employees: I just jump into my car like one of the permanent employees and go to the showings by myself. The work is very independent, but it would be impossible to do it without the support I receive from the team and my supervisor.”
For Veli-Jussi, the variability of the days, the independence of the work and being able to work with people are the best aspects of his summer job. The customers have been happy with the young presenter, and each encounter deepens his professional skills, improving his certainty in how the job is done.

In the morning and afternoon, the head office on Mannerheimintie in Helsinki provides a headquarters where the showings are reviewed with familiar colleagues. Openness is the key to it all—the chain must never be broken.
“It is essential that I share the information on what the customers have asked and said at the showings to our sales representatives. This means they can find out those things that interest the customers and then smoothly return to serve them after the showing. The job is great for developing your people skills, which works well with my studies in HR and offers a nice counterpart to my business law studies.
Veli-Jussi thinks he might well enjoy working at VVO in the future. In addition to the nice work community, he finds the Lumo brand interesting.

“To me, Lumo is a smart, high-quality way to organise future housing, as it emphasises energy wisdom, solutions that support climate action and services that make living more convenient. These are things I love to share with my customers.

Under the Lumo and VVO brands, VVO Group Plc offers versatile and effortless rental solutions coupled with an extensive range of housing services for different life situations. VVO Group aims to invest heavily in increasing housing supply in the next three years by developing new properties and buying existing properties.

We invite you to learn more about the views of housing industry professionals regarding current phenomena in housing, as well as good housing and what it is like to work in these areas. The blog provides a communication platform for VVO Group experts and employees, as well as our tenants and cooperation partners.

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