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25.7.2019 | Career stories

Working together to help tenants

Housing advisor Riikka Pasanen wants all Lumo tenants to feel comfortable in their homes.

Riikka Pasanen

Riikka Pasanen works as a housing advisor at Kojamo. The purpose of her team is to improve living comfort, prevent evictions and solve all kinds of housing-related problems experienced by tenants. 

She didn’t expect to find herself working at Kojamo: “I never knew lessors had people working with the job title of housing advisor. It was a positive surprise for me that Kojamo wants to provide this type of assistance to tenants and act in their best interests.”

Riikka had worked in the housing sector for quite some time when she saw the job advert looking for housing advisors. It felt like the advert was written with her in mind. “I looked at the ad and said that sounds like just the place for me,” Riikka says with a laugh. 

Making sure tenants are comfortable and safe in their homes

Being a housing advisor is a varied job. No two situations are exactly alike. “That’s what this job is all about,” Riikka says. Every tenant is treated as an individual and the solutions are customised according to their personal needs. 

The situations are often challenging and sometimes take a long time to resolve. Riikka says one of the best parts of her job is getting surprise phone calls from tenants wishing to thank her for helping them: “It feels great to be deserving of their trust. It’s hard to explain how wonderful it feels when you’ve found a way to really help someone.”

Working together to support tenants

Riikka has enjoyed working at Kojamo. In particular, she appreciates the attitude people have towards their work. “People do their jobs properly and put in the time and effort that is needed. But I also like how our workplace atmosphere is punctuated by laughter and jokes. You can genuinely be yourself.”

“You can genuinely be yourself here.”

In addition to the general workplace atmosphere, Riikka highlights the importance of her team and effective supervisor. “It means a lot when your colleagues care about you as a person, not just as someone they work with,” Riikka says. “Employee well-being is a high priority here.”

The importance of the team is also highlighted in the way the work is done: “We talk about things in our team and consider what options are available. It’s important to have the constant support of your team.” The times spent with the team are also when most of the joking happens. “It’s one part of job satisfaction,” Riikka says with a smile.

For more on Riikka’s thoughts, please refer to her interview in our tenant magazine (in Finnish).