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4.3.2021 | Better urban living

Support for learning regardless of place and time

One of our key personnel-related goals during the year was the deployment of a digital learning environment. The timing of the change could not have been better: deployed in the autumn, the Virta learning environment became an important tool as Kojamo shifted primarily to remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Online training enables us to provide opportunities for high-quality and flexible learning regardless of place and time. The advantages of the new solution were highlighted during the period of remote work: we are able to offer collective training opportunities irrespective of whether the participating employees work at the office or at home. Newly recruited Kojamo employees have also been able to participate in diverse and consistent orientation training right from the start, which has been very helpful,” says HR Specialist Kati Tikkamäki.

“Online training enables us to provide opportunities for high-quality and flexible learning regardless of place and time.”

The new tools provide even more learning opportunities for everyone. As the opportunities for competence development increase, the nature of traditional training is changing. “Taking advantage of learning opportunities requires employees to show initiative, and that is something we have plenty of at Kojamo. It is important to keep in mind that learning on the job is a continuous process, and formal training is only one important element in the bigger picture,” Tikkamäki adds.

Kati Tikkamäki, HR Specialist and Jenni Marko, HR Manager

Although the digital environment makes self-directed learning more effective, the training programmes have been designed by means of a collaborative process. In the early stages, the training content has focused on orientation, sales and sustainability training, but we are expanding it continuously.

“Having our own learning environment enables highly agile content production that is precisely targeted according to our needs. We hope that as many Kojamo employees as possible could participate in planning and designing training content, which gives them the opportunity to share their professional expertise with their colleagues,” says HR Manager Jenni Marko. “We use various interactive exercises and assignments to help the participants apply their knowledge. We can gamify learning and offer training paths on various topics. We are pleased that our colleagues have found the training content interesting,” Tikkamäki adds.

The digital transformation will continue to be an important learning theme for everyone at Kojamo. In the years to come, we will focus particularly on the renewal of our harmonised working methods, the development of internal communication tools as well as the strengthening of competences in line with our digital roadmap. This will ensure that we have the competences that are essential for our strategy. “In addition to strong basic competence, we need new kinds of agile and versatile learning structures and tools, open-minded interaction across organisational boundaries and a culture