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6.3.2024 | Better urban living

Handbooks support daily work

Kojamo has handbooks for sales and property management to make day-to-day work smoother. Employees in the sales and property management functions have participated in creating the handbooks. The handbooks provide a framework for cooperation and are based on Kojamo’s values. Our goal is to provide our customers with consistent service at each building.

Many things have changed since the first versions of the handbooks were published, which is why we update the guidelines regularly. If practical experience suggests that something should be done differently from what is documented in the handbook, we will update the documentation accordingly.

Consistent operating practices benefit everyone

The Property Managers’ Handbook describes the significance and role of property management as part of the company’s strategy and aims to clarify the broad job description of a property manager. One of the key goals of the handbook is to harmonise property managers’ operating practices. Property management aims to improve the rentability of vacant apartments, enhance the customer experience of current residents and monitor that the agreements concluded with various partners are also implemented in practice.

“For us, the handbook has clarified things by harmonising our operating practices.”

Eemeli Heikkinen

“It is often thought that property management is a job that can be done in many ways, and that is probably true,” says property manager Eemeli Heikkinen. “For us, the handbook has clarified things by harmonising our operating practices. There will always be situations where you need to apply the principles in a flexible manner, but the handbook ensures that we play by the common rules,” Eemeli notes.

Eemeli mentions communication as a concrete example. High-quality communication is a key part of success in all aspects of the job. Property Manager enables sales, drives the customer experience and manages cooperation partners.

Lumo Property Manager Eemeli Heikkinen

“Internal communication is also important. When a newly vacant apartment is inspected according to the instructions laid out in the handbook, the inspection card for the apartment will contain all the relevant information, which can then be utilised in sales, marketing, the property ownership unit and the property management function,” Eemeli explains.

The handbook also serves as an indicator of personal performance

According to sales representative Roosa Ruuhijärvi, the Sales Handbook provides an overview of the expectations for her role.

“The handbook provides practical instructions and indicates how your personal sales performance is measured,” Roosa says. For example, the Sales Handbook documents the sales process from start to finish. However, Roosa notes that it is important to know how to interpret and apply the process.

“Our sales results are produced by our own efforts, and the Sales Handbook plays an important role in achieving those results. The handbook is a platform that we can always rely on if we need a reminder of our harmonised operating practices,” Roosa notes.

Lumo Sales Representative Roosa Ruuhijärvi

The handbook had just been published when Roosa joined Kojamo in 2020.

“The handbook was a big help in getting to grips with the job. It describes well what this job is about and why we do it,” Roosa explains.

Indeed, the handbook is very useful in the orientation of new colleagues, and it also supports the day-to-day work of sales representatives.

“Thanks to the handbook, all colleagues will give you similar advice regarding a particular situation, and customers get the same answers from different people. The handbook ensures consistency in our actions.”