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4.3.2021 | Better urban living

Improving satisfaction and community spirit through cooperation with residents

Asukasyhteistyö on Kojamolla avainasemassa parhaan asiakaskokemuksen saavuttamisessa. Sen näkyvin muoto on Lumo-tiimi – ryhmä talon vapaaehtoisia asukkaita, jonka tehtävänä on tukea yhteisöllisyyttä.

Cooperation with residents plays a key role in Kojamo’s efforts to create the best customer experience. The most visible form of this cooperation is the Lumo team – a volunteer group of residents whose task is to support the building’s community spirit.

Erja Graae, a long-term resident and Lumo Team Leader in Helsinki’s Lauttasaari district, praises the concept. “The Lumo team concept is a welcome addition to traditional rental housing. Doing things together is directly reflected in the satisfaction of residents, and it helps maintain harmonious relationships between neighbours. We are easy to approach for the residents and the property manager alike, which makes it easier to manage the affairs of the building.”

Every Lumo building can establish a Lumo team, which is then given an annual budget to cover the costs of its activities.

Every Lumo building can establish a Lumo team, which is then given an annual budget to cover the costs of its activities. In Graae’s building, community events are already an established tradition: regular events include barbecues, coffee events and volunteer yard work events, even if the activities were temporarily halted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Another example of the building’s community spirit is the custom of putting up the flag to celebrate the birthdays and special occasions of the building’s residents. The building has many long-term residents, and new arrivals are quickly welcomed into the community.

Erja Graae, resident and Lumo Team Leader Matti Hämäläinen, property manager

“The Lumo team helps the property manager stay abreast of the building’s events and resident feedback. Every building is shaped by its residents, and we try to give residents as much influence over their environment as possible. At this building, that goal has been achieved very nicely. The active Lumo team deserves a lot of credit for that,” says property manager Matti Hämäläinen. “The residents are also satisfied with the ease of our cooperation with the property manager,” Graae adds.

In addition to Lumo teams, Kojamo organises regional activities for residents, such as excursions and events, as well as the opportunity to exercise influence through the national Lumo resident panel and online discussions.

“We encourage all of our residents to get involved in creating stronger communities and increase everyone’s satisfaction and comfort of living. Together, we can also have a positive impact on the building’s cleanliness and property maintenance as well as take advantage of services that make daily life easier,” says Customer Account Manager Riikka Ilmakunnas.