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5.12.2016 | News

VVO Group head office renews its Green Office certification

Green Office pioneer aims to obtain green office certification nationwide

Earlier this week, WWF Finland audited the environmental programme of VVO Group’s head office in Helsinki. The VVO building passed the audit with excellent grades and was awarded the right to retain its Green Office label. The Lumo Home Centre in Tampere also passed the audit in November and received the right to use the Green Office label for the first time. The agreements on the joining of the Tampere and Hämeenlinna Lumo Home Centres in the Green Office environmental system were signed in 2015, and now, after careful preparations, these efforts have yielded the desired results.

Green Office is an environmental system targeted at offices and developed by WWF Finland. Its goal is to help offices to reduce their environmental load, increase environmental awareness among employees and achieve savings. Green Office was established in 2002 and has since grown into a global programme.

The VVO Group head office in Helsinki has been Green Office certified since the inception of the programme. VVO Group’s goal is to include more Lumo Home Centres in the Green Office programme to make the company a nationwide Green Office operator.

“Over a period of more than 15 years, we have contributed to the creation of working methods that promote sustainable development and grown to become a work community that takes environmental issues carefully into consideration. At the same time, we have had the opportunity to support the preservation of biodiversity, as a significant proportion of the membership fees collected by the Green Office programme are used directly in WWF’s nature conservation work,” says Jirka Tuominen, who is responsible for Green Office matters at VVO Group.

The Green Office network in Finland includes 433 offices in 156 different organisations, with nearly 62,000 employees.

“For us, Green Office has been an excellent tool for the comprehensive monitoring of energy consumption and it has increased the attention we pay to environmental matters in our work community. It is a concrete way to engage our employees in environmental work and also a message to our partners about the significance of this topic; we require a lot from them with regard to environmental work.”

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