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13.2.2023 | Press releases

New rental apartments at historic Eerikinkatu 7 will be completed in the summer – almost all apartments were rented in a few days

Kojamo plc Media release 13 February 2023 at 11.00 a.m.

New rental apartments at historic Eerikinkatu 7 will be completed in the summer – almost all apartments were rented in a few days

Located right in the heart of Helsinki, the Neo-Renaissance-style Eerikinkatu 7 building is undergoing exciting changes. The building, which was once used for residential purposes and has since served as a commercial property, will be restored to its original purpose when the 40 Lumo homes under construction are completed next summer. The apartments became available for rent at the end of January, and after just a few days, there were only a couple of apartments left.

According to Laura Koiranen, Area Director of Lumo homes, this was expected:

“It’s not every day that Lumo rental apartments are built in the city centre – and especially in a historic site. This was made obvious when the apartments became available for rent. The demand for these apartments has been huge; they sold like hot cakes.”

Preserving and highlighting building history and cultural-historical values has been a central part of the design. The City Museum supervised the planning.

“When it comes to a building preservation site, many things have to be taken into account in the restoration: the architectural details to be preserved and, of course, the design of the apartments themselves, including their materials. Timelessness, quality and classicism were central in the interior design of the apartments. Some of the apartments have beautiful fishbone parquet floors. Some apartments have their own sauna, and most apartments have their own balcony overlooking the courtyard. The attic apartments and two-storey apartments are especially beautiful,” says Koiranen. 

The shared facilities of the residents have been taken into account. The building has washing and drying rooms, a sauna department and a club room. There is also a lounge area in the courtyard for organising parties and other events. The building also has a storage unit for outdoor equipment and a separate bicycle storage. According to Koiranen, Eerikinkatu is well-suited to larger families as well.

“Living in the city centre opens up new opportunities. Schools and day care centres are within walking distance. So are parks, shops and all activities from movie theatres to museums, exhibitions and restaurants,” says Koiranen.

The site’s architect is Jukka Salonen from Neva Architects.

“From the architect’s point of view, the project has been rewarding, and the building can now reach its full glory. Historical information has been widely available, and it has been applied in the planning. The new façade colouring was designed in accordance with the Helsinki colour scheme and the surrounding buildings, as we did not find any indication of the original colouring of the building when studying the surface layers. The conservators also studied the surface layers in the vestibule of staircase room A. Their findings were utilised in designing decorative paintings for the walls and ceiling surfaces. This vestibule will be one of the most notable features of the building,” says Salonen.

There have been no big surprises along the way.

The new homes can be rented directly through the webstore

Based on the current estimate, the new Lumo homes in Eerikinkatu will be ready to move into in July 2023. The homes that are still available can be rented via the Lumo webstore. See available rental apartments in Eerikinkatu in the Lumo webstore.

Media enquiries:

Laura Koiranen, Area Director, Lumo homes, tel. +358 20 508 3411, laura.koiranen(at)

Media representatives will have the opportunity to visit the site in April 2023, according to the current estimate.



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